EMA Reviews Cirba Version 8 - Intelligently Placing Workloads and Balancing Capacity

Analyst Reports

This EMA Impact Brief reviews the capabilities of Cirba 8 within the context of today's discussions on cloud and software defined environments.

"The fact that none of today's top cloud platforms offer much guidance regarding workload placement and rebalancing, combined with the new, much more developer centric data center paradigm, demonstrates the importance of capacity optimization software, such as Cirba. Ultimately, developers will encapsulate most or all deployment, operations and management instructions within their code, enabling a more and more rapid and automated deployment process. The Cirba workload routing API constitutes the "missing link," translating these instructions into actual placement and balancing actions. Therefore, it is fair to say that Cirba truly sits at the heart of the software defined data center."

"Considering the cost of today's high-end server, network and storage hardware – VCE VBlock, HP Virtual System, Cisco UCS, NetApp Flexpod etc. – it is essential to take a look at how Cirba could help delay new hardware acquisitions, without introducing additional risk. The fascinating aspect of the Cirba software is its ability to break open the traditional compromise between cost, performance and risk."

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