IBM Standardizes on Cirba for its Private Modular Cloud Offering

We are very pleased to announce that IBM has standardized on Cirba for is Private Modular Cloud (PMC) offering. PMC is IBM’s private on premise cloud solution.  It is a packaging of hardware, software, system orchestration and management that enables an organization to stand up a customized cloud in less than a day.

Cirba enables organizations to reduce performance risk, increase VM density and efficiency and achieve unprecedented automation in private cloud.  In the words of Will Padman, IBM’s Global Product Executive, Cloud Automation Services, IBM chose Cirba for its PMC offering because,

“Critical to effective private cloud operations is really the ability to balance infrastructure supply with application demand and Cirba is really the only solution in the marketplace today that actually does that.”

Watch this short video featuring Chuck Tatham, Cirba’s SVP of Business Development and Marketing and Will Padman, IBM’s Global Product Executive, Cloud Automation Services to learn more about PMC and how Cirba can be used to optimize those environments.

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Infographic Outlining Top Priorities and Obstacles in Getting to Software-Defined Infrastructure

This week Cirba released a new infographic leveraging findings from analyst firm EMA’s recent survey of 235 infrastructure professionals. The infographic provides insight into:
• Top priorities in establishing software-defined infrastructure
• The progress organizations have made
• The key obstacles they’ve experienced as they work towards this goal

It’s a quick read with interesting insights!

Download it here.

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Cirba’s Evolution: The Path to Becoming Software-Defined Infrastructure Control

Watch this short video by Cirba president & CEO, Gerry Smith, to understand how Cirba grew from its roots in virtualization and transformation planning analytics to become the leader in infrastructure control for enterprise private cloud environments to today, providing organizations real control for the software-defined era.

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Insights from EMA on The Key to Empowering the Software-Defined Data Center

We are very pleased to share a paper by analyst firm EMA that explores the challenges and approaches IT organizations need to take in order to achieve a software-defined operational state.  In the words of EMA:

“EMA has identified the software-defined data center as one of the dominating trends in IT in 2014. However, in many cases, increased complexity in current IT environments, processes, and cultures has substantially impeded the organization’s ability to complete this transition.

EMA asked IT executives, IT operations staff, and business managers and executives of 235 organizations with highly mature IT departments that had deployed at least five SDDC-related technologies what they consider their most pressing IT challenges.”

This paper explores the results of that research and how technologies like software-defined infrastructure control can help.

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Cirba Exec’s Take On the Ice Bucket Challenge

With the help of Cirba employees, Gerry Smith, Andrew Hillier and Riyaz Somani took on the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for ALS Association.

Watch the videos below!

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How will you decide which applications to put into external cloud?

As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, organizations struggle with the decision of where to put their workloads. This doesn’t just apply at the server level, but it also very challenging to determine which environments new and existing applications should run in. Spreadsheets are commonly used and to be blunt, these homegrown models just aren’t up to the task.

In January, Cirba released The Reservation Console which enables organization to optimize and automate workload routing decisions. At VMworld 2014, we are very excited to announce that we are extending support for the Reservation Console and the Control Console to include Amazon Web Services and IBM Softlayer!

This means Cirba will be able to determine the best execution venue for applications, whether that is on internal or external infrastructure, while also providing management control and visibility across all enterprise workloads.

Read more about the upcoming capability here.

Support for Amazon AWS and IBM Softlayer ships starting in December 2014. In the meantime, our CTO & co-founder Andrew Hiller provides an early peek at what’s to come in the video below!

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How to intelligently automate VM routing, capacity reservations and infrastructure optimization in VMware vCloud Automation Center

A lot of organizations are adopting VMware vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) and we often get asked how Cirba fits.

The two solutions are very complementary. vCAC provides a provisioning workflow that captures end user requirements for a VM, builds and registers the components and turns on the VMs.

Through our API, Cirba integrates seamlessly to VMware vCloud Automation Center to enable intelligent demand management (VM routing, capacity reservations and host level placements) and capacity supply optimization.

For the details on how the solutions work together, watch this short video by Andrew Hillier, Cirba CTO & Co-founder.

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Software-Defined Infrastructure Control

Organizations are gaining momentum in the drive toward the software-defined data center. While the focus has been on adopting the raw underlying technologies for compute, storage and networking, the real key to achieving a truly software-defined state is having the ability to make these capabilities work together in a way that meets business needs. This critical piece is the control layer and it is called Software-Defined Infrastructure Control.

Watch this video by Gerry Smith, president & CEO of Cirba as he outlines how Software-Defined Infrastructure Control is fundamentally changing IT operations by providing a new control paradigm for balancing application demand with infrastructure supply.

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How to Program VMware DRS to Respect Software License Requirements

One area of huge potential cost savings in virtualized and private cloud infrastructure is software licensing. Many organizations don’t plan VM placements with an eye towards reducing licensing requirements. And when you are licensing by CPU or core, such as for Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server or even Oracle licensing, it really does pay to both maximize VM density on licensed physical servers and ensure the VMs are contained to licensed servers. We have found an average savings of 55% of licensing requirements using Cirba’s analytics to do the placements.

But what about when DRS is active? While programmable rules exist within DRS to contain a group of VMs to a group of hosts, DRS doesn’t know how to stack workloads in order to maximize density. DRS can’t tell you how many hosts you require, nor will it understand changes over time as VMs enter and leave the environment. So, key pieces of the puzzle are missing here in order to really enable you to control license requirements in these dynamic environments.

A better way is to leverage Cirba’s software license control module to optimize VM placements. Cirba maximizes VM density by playing “Tetris” with the workloads to safely fit them together, to make the best possible use of capacity without competing for resources. Cirba ’s placements respect license requirements, even when rebalancing. And Cirba also ensures that as the environment changes over time (VMs coming and going), you can see the impact on the host requirements. In environments where DRS is active, Cirba automatically pushes its software license placement “rules” to automatically program DRS. This enables you to use DRS as a load balancing safety net (which isn’t really required with Cirba) without violating licensing requirements.

Check out this video in which Andrew Hillier gives an overview of Cirba’s Software License Control module.

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How does Cirba fit Gartner’s Vision for Capacity Management in Web-scale IT?

Cirba is at the Gartner Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit this week in Berlin. Leading up to the event, Gartner analysts Ian Head and Milind Govekar published a report on the importance and role of Capacity and Performance Management in Web-scale IT.

The report describes how critical it is that infrastructure and operations managers responsible for these infrastructures must become “proficient in operational analytics and big data capabilities, rather than traditional capacity-planning tools” and makes a series of recommendations as to how they can get there.

In the short video below, Andrew Hillier, Cirba CTO & co-founder discusses Gartner’s recommendations and how Cirba’s analytics fit with Gartner’s vision of requirements for these types of operational environments.

What is Web-scale IT? Gartner research VP, Cameron Haight, explains in a blog

( read the full blog here).

“It’s our effort to describe all of the things happening at large cloud services firms such as Google, Amazon, Rackspace, Netflix, Facebook, etc., that enables them to achieve extreme levels of service delivery as compared to many of their enterprise counterparts.

… we identify six elements to the web-scale recipe: industrial data centers, web-oriented architectures, programmable management, agile processes, a collaborative organization style and a learning culture.”

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Cirba and Dell Infrastructure Consulting Services enable customers to optimize virtual and cloud infrastructure with capacity control

Back in 2013 Dell Global Services decided that it needed to modernize its approach to advising customers on infrastructure modernization, transformation and management.    Virtualization had penetrated many customer environments significantly and they were struggling less with transformation and more with getting their arms around optimal management of virtual infrastructure.  Of course they were also increasingly asked to advise on cloud strategies and related matters.

The software that Dell had been relying on was dated and provided only a narrow set of analytics for mapping transformations.  They embarked on an evaluation of what was available in the market and could help modernize and broaden their approach.

We were proud when Dell decided to build Cirba into their services methodologies for a new class of offerings.

Dell has gone through many changes over the past 12 months as it privatized and reshaped its business.  We believe Dell will be successful in becoming a complete infrastructure solutions company and we are happy to be on the journey with them.

I chatted with Ray Weinstein this week about Dell Services and where Cirba fits in their offers. The video is below.

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Cirba is Heading to Cisco Live to Showcase Joint Cisco Wave Solution

Next week we will be one of the 200+ vendors at Cisco Live showing off our software to some of the over 20,000! attendees. Cisco is a valued customer and partner of Cirba’s and we are excited to be heading to the show for the first time.

We are very pleased to be there with one of our great partners, Intel. In fact, we not only have a demonstration pod in the Intel booth, but we will be presenting the following topic in their theatre Tuesday May 20th at 11:30 am and 3:15 pm:

Rethinking Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure Management:
Gaining Control Over Capacity Supply & Demand

Virtual and cloud environments require proactive management of capacity supply and demand.  The challenges introduced by self-service portals, ad hoc provisioning, workload mobility and the need to constantly optimize capacity are significant.  Join Cirba to learn how to increase control and drive Infrastructure efficiency while dealing with the complexity of new operating models.

Cisco Demo
View Larger

Cisco will feature its joint Cisco Wave/ Cirba solution in the Cisco Technology Zone in the Cisco Campus and in presentation in the DevNET Cisco Theatre at 3:00 pm on Wednesday May 21st. Cirba optimizes VM placement decisions to reduce risk and maximize efficiency of compute and storage resources. The joint solution enables organizations to optimize network aware VM placements to ensure the appropriate bandwidth and avoid bottlenecks.

Hope to see you there!

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Thinking of Going Open Source for Your Private Cloud?

Red Hat announced the formation of the ManageIQ community today with the aim to provide the industry’s leading open source cloud management platform with advanced governance and automation capabilities.

Cirba has joined the community to integrate to the ManageIQ framework and bring enterprise grade capacity control to the table, enabling organizations to automatically and intelligently balance capacity supply with application demand.

From all accounts, OpenStack adoption is on the rise, but to truly become more than a pet project in large enterprises and evolve into a truly viable alternative, it requires the strong support of the vendor community. This is exactly what Red Hat is delivering, by providing and bringing together solutions that fill critical operational and management gaps. We have been tracking the interest of our own customer base in OpenStack and while we aren’t seeing rampant adoption yet, surely endeavours like the ManageIQ community will bring us one step closer.

We would love to hear about your organization’s plans around private cloud and whether open source will play a role!

Watch this short video by Andrew Hillier, Cirba’s co-founder & CTO to learn about Cirba’s contribution to the ManageIQ Community:

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Cirba’s New Business and Application-centric Capacity Control for IT Infrastructure

Today we announced a new capability that enables IT to empower business groups and application owners to intelligently balance server and storage requirements with application demand.

Cirba does this by providing IT, the app owners and line of business owners to see the true amount of server and storage resources required vs. the amount that is currently allocated by application, department or operating division in virtualized and cloud infrastructures. This enables application owners and business leaders to more actively manage the efficiency of their IT investments by having the information required to work with IT teams in order to make better allocation and infrastructure decisions, reducing risk and eliminating over-provisioning.

Over-provisioning infrastructure resources and over-sizing VMs is a universal issue for enterprise IT today. IT teams and application owners alike simply don’t have the visibility required to make the best possible infrastructure decisions. As a result, over-provisioning is the most common tactic employed to reduce operational risk.

Take a look at the screen below. By showing an application owner or rolling this type of visibility up to an entire business unit, IT can now have an informed conversation about efficiency and reclamation opportunities that previously wouldn’t have been possible.

CiRBA capacity views by application

View Larger

For most organizations the ability to have this visibility and these conversations would enable them to take a huge leap forward toward operating more efficiency and lower risk infrastructure.

How does your organization do it today?

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Cirba Advances Partner Program with Addition of Outsourcers and Cloud Service Provider Categories

CiRBA's Partners

Cirba’s software is regarded as the gold standard for integrators and consulting companies to advise their customers on server and data center transformations and capacity control. Our software has been deployed in hundreds of companies by leading integrators around the world to revolutionize how transformations are executed and infrastructure is managed.

Cirba’s own Fortune 500 customers are well down the path on huge deployments of Automated Capacity Control because it enables infrastructure owners to better balance workload demand with capacity supply. These capabilities and presence in the market are bringing partnering requests from new kinds of organizations.Cirba ’s ability to significantly improve density of infrastructure, while at the same time improving stability, has caught the attention of companies that manage infrastructure for their large customers.

These companies, Cloud service providers and outsourcers specifically, are operating in an increasingly competitive environment where infrastructure efficiency and greater levels of automation can translate directly to competitive advantage, better pricing and greater customer satisfaction. To meet this demand, we’ve recently added two new categories to our partner program.Cirba  Powered Outsourcers and Cirba Powered Cloud Providers.

These additions are not just by name, they include delivery, sales and pre-sales training tailored to the types of offerings these companies provide. We have also introduced licensing programs that match the needs of these businesses. For example, a new utility licensing model that allows cloud providers to flex up and down over time and to pay monthly depending on the volume of servers managed.

For a complete list of the Cirba partner categories, visit

Watch a short Video of Chuck Tatham, CiRBA’s SVP of Business Development and Marketing share updates to the partner program.

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