Container Infrastructure Optimization & Control

Greatly Increase Node Utilization While Minimizing Performance Risk

Manage Resources throughout Your Container Ecosystem

Incorrect resource specifications can be a disaster for container environments:

  • Pods can chew up capacity they aren’t using, forcing node utilization to be very low
  • Nodes can get pinned, and not scale up and down as loads change
  • Quotas can cause clusters to be inelastic, keeping capacity “on the floor” even when it isn’t being used
  • Containers can get throttled, or even killed, if resource specifications don’t align with what the apps actually need

Densify uses a unique approach to solve all of this, combining machine learning and deep analytics to automate the process of allocating the ideal resources to all components in your Kubernetes stack, ensuring the optimal balance of performance and cost.

Resource optimization—capacity operations—for Kubernetes infrastructure
Densify determines the ideal amount of resources for all components in your Kubernetes environment by analyzing the intersection of containers, the underlying infrastructure, and associated costs.

Automatically Set Container Resource Requests & Limits

Densify’s machine learning analyzes workload patterns to determine the optimal CPU and memory requests and limits for your containers.

  • Reduce application performance and stability issues associated with under allocating, or not specifying, resources for your containers
  • Increase node and cluster utilization by ensuring that you are not allocating too much CPU and memory to your applications, leaving resources stranded
  • Lower your cloud bill by deploying fewer nodes for the same containers
Densify automatically analyzes thousands of containers to determine the optimal settings
Densify automatically analyzes thousands of containers to determine the optimal settings

Optimize the Configuration of Container Nodes

Densify analyzes the utilization and scaling behavior of nodes in your clusters and performs simulations to determine their optimal configuration.

  • Automatically assign the ideal amount of CPU and memory for the nodes in your clusters
  • Determine the right instance families for your nodes when hosting in the public cloud
  • Model scaling behavior based on workload patterns to optimally configure scaling parameters
Auto Scaling groups optimization for container nodes and clusters
Amazon Web Services Auto Scaling groups optimization analysis

Optimize Clusters & Namespaces

Densify analyzes your clusters and namespaces to ensure they are configured in an optimal way.

  • Ensure cluster resource and namespace quotas are constantly aligned with app team requirements
  • Identify risks due to under allocation of resources
  • Reduce costs by ensuring quotas are not forcing infrastructure to be provisioned but not used
Drilldown view of K8s clusters and namespaces
Kubernetes namespace analysis showing risks and inefficiencies in the allocation of resources

Integrate Directly into CI/CD Pipelines & Automation Tools

Densify’s precise resource specifications integrate seamlessly into your deployment pipeline to automate the correct sizing of containers, so you can:

  • Free your teams from the burden of manually selecting resources
  • Eliminate errors by using APIs to tie directly into infrastructure as code templates like Terraform or CloudFormation
  • Ensure Performance by continuously aligning resources with application requirements

Top-Down Visibility for Your Entire Kubernetes Stack

Combine detailed analysis of thousands of entities into a single, top-down view of the scope, efficiency and health of your container environment.

  • See how well container resources have been assigned over time
  • Assess the impact of implementing optimization recommendations
  • Provide rankings by team, business group and technology
  • Calculate financial impact and estimated savings
Kubernetes capacity optimization overview dashboard
Densify provides top-down visibility into container risks and opportunities across clouds and on-prem

Broad Platform Support

Manage resources across Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, Rancher RKE, EKS, AKS, and GKE for all your clusters, namespaces, and individual containers.

Densify enables resource management across container platforms like Kubernetes, OpenShift, Rancher RKE, EKS, AKS, and GKE

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Densify cloud cost optimization demonstration

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