Optimize Your Microsoft Azure VMs & Containers

Continuously Match Your Workloads to the Optimal Azure Virtual Machines
Microsoft Azure Optimization

Scientifically Manage your Use of Azure Services with Resource Optimization

Empirically matching application workload requirements to Azure services requires deep analysis. Densify machine learns workload demand patterns and precisely determines the optimal VMs needed to host them. By aligning application supply and with actual resource demand in this way, Densify optimizes Azure consumption.

  • Azure Virtual Machines offer a wide array of Windows and Linux instances. Costs can spiral out of control when your workloads are not placed on the right VM series with the optimal allocation of CPU and memory.
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) can only run efficiently if your pods are properly configured and resourced. Densify delivers visibility into provisioned versus utilized resources.
Dashboard showing level of optimization for Microsoft Azure infrastructure and recommended changes

Detailed Optimization of Azure Compute Costs & Performance

Densify provides constant detailed recommendations to target an incredible array of potential performance and cost optimization actions:

Termination of idle instances
Through a variety of screening methods, Densify identifies workloads that have a high probability of being dormant and could be terminated
Downsizing of Azure instances with excess resources
Densify applies your desired policy for whitespace and fit for purpose to tell you exactly where there is waste
Upsizing of instances with resource risks
Densify will tell you when to increase resources to ensure reliability and performance
Modernizing to new and cheaper instances within the same family
Often Microsoft will introduce new instances within the same Azure family that not only perform better but may also be new and less expensive
Family changes to better match the personality of workloads
Sometimes best efforts to pick the right instance family don’t work out and Densify can tell you if the personality of your workloads would be better served by a different selection.
Effort estimates for changes
For every recommended change, Densify also calculates an estimate of effort to make the change. This allows you to prioritize and tackle modifications in logical waves.
Microsoft Azure dashboard showing instances that should be optimized and associated estimates, such as time required and risk

Azure Application Owner & Stakeholder Collaboration

The successful implementation of infrastructure optimization changes will always require collaboration with application owners. App owners can be resistant to allowing change but this can be overcome with accurate analytics, transparency and trust. For every recommendation the Densify engine produces, a complete impact analysis and recommendation report is automatically produced. This can be delivered to app owners and approvers through a variety of mechanisms including ticketing systems, collaboration environments such as Slack, email, or reports.

Densify always evaluates the most advanced cloud service offerings against the needs of your workloads, and packages easy-to-understand analysis and justification for your app owners to speed approvals
The Densify Impact Analysis Report for Azure communicates the projected impact of recommended changes to app owners to help with approvals

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