Manage & Optimize Your Amazon Reserved Instances (RI)

How to Manage Existing AWS Reserved Instance Purchases

Purchasing Reserved Instances has always been complicated, including considerations like:

  • Should I make a one-year or three-year commitment?
  • What if my business changes the type of instances we are using?
  • Should I consider paying extra for Convertible RIs?

For some businesses, AWS Savings Plans have simplified the process of locking in continued savings for their AWS compute.

However, most organization today already have existing RI purchases, or may consider RI purchases as a continued best fit for their business. Any errors in your previous purchasing strategy or new RI purchases could still lead to an increase in your cloud spend and reduce overall agility.

  • Densify empowers you with RI visibility into RI purchases Gain Reserved Instance Visibility Densify Reserved Instances reports show you full visibility into your historical RI purchases, their utilization, RI coverage across your instances, chargebacks based on what accounts have been getting value from your RIs, and more.
  • Model the best AWS compute purchasing strategy for your business Understand What You Need Know your Reserved Instance coverage and utilization, and get automated recommendations for optimal savings.

Get Visibility into Your RIs

Easily consumable reporting and visibility answers important RI strategy questions, giving you visibility into:

  • The RIs you have purchased and a full inventory of what you have
  • How well you are utilizing the existing RIs across your organization, and how much value they are adding to your business
  • How many of your running instances are using RIs and the total percentage coverage
  • Chargebacks reports showing which departments have RIsand details regarding interdepartmental cross-charges
  • A historical view of your RI purchase and exchange history
Customizable reporting shows your historical AWS RI use and what to expect going forward

Convertible RI Exchanger

With Densify’s machine-learning-based analytics, you get recommendations to exchange underused Convertible Reserved Instances to new RIs as needed. In making recommendations, Densify will automatically take into consideration complex Convertible RI exchange rules, and give you a summary of exchange details and actual exchange actions to take, making it simple to take advantage of Convertible RIs.

Machine learning reveals when to exchange your Convertible RIs for more cost-effective options

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