Visualizing Risk across Your Entire K8s Infrastructure

Eliminate K8s Cost & Performance Risks Quickly with Holistic Visibility

Densify has introduced a unique visualization that shows the overall resource health of your entire Kubernetes environment. These histograms are a powerful way to identify inefficiencies in container CPU and memory requests and limits, and quickly drill down to specific risks, each with a recommendation for resolution.

See the Spread of Risk in Your Own K8s Environment

Request a demo: our experts will detail examples of performance and cost risks in typical Kubernetes environments, and set you up with a trial so you see the same in your own infrastructure.

Kubernetes architects and engineers immediately find value in seeing the spread of resource risks. Your team will gain the ability to drill down to specific issues to validate and implement the directives our optimizer has identified to resolve each risk. Don’t wait to begin optimizing away risks in your own K8s infrastructure.

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