Determining Level of Effort for Cloud Optimization

Assessing Instance Change Effort Level

Every IT organization has different technical abilities, time constraints, and resource commitments. Considering level of effort (LoE) when implementing infrastructure resource optimization recommendations in your private or public cloud environment directly affects the results your organization will achieve. Prioritization of optimization efforts must also align with your business and its operational policies.

For example, take a recommendation deemed to require moderate effort by Densify standards. When migrating from a fourth-generation EC2 instance to a fifth-gen compute instance, Densify will reveal details about this optimization that show that this infrastructure change requires you to install the ENA driver—considered by some enterprise standards to be an significant additional time and resource commitment.

Densify’s effort analysis can also be tuned as-is or through the addition of supplemental criteria to ensure the recommendations your receive are most feasible for your organization. Our goal is to provide cloud rightsizing recommendations that can be assessed and implemented efficiently—to provide quick, low-lift wins alongside operationally complex infrastructure optimizations that might have a more significant impact on cloud cost and performance.