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FinOps eGuide: overcoming barriers to cloud cost optimization

FinOps Guide

Best practices for overcoming barriers to cloud cost optimization for IT Finance & FinOps

Capacity Operations whitepaper: continuous compute optimization for cloud and container environments

CapOps Whitepapaer

Continuous compute optimization for cloud and container environments

12 K8s Risks Poster

Visualize the effects of risk in your kubernetes environment.

FinOps eGuide

Utilize the Best Practices framework to build your FinOps practice. Includes examples and tutorials.

Kubernetes eGuide

Best practices for K8s and learn about AWS EKS, Terraform, Helm, KOps anf other tooling.

Kubernetes Autoscaling eGuide

Key K8s concepts like VPA, HPA, Cluster Autoscaler, workloads, load balancing & more.

CI/CD Framework Poster

Best Practices for CI/CD with continuous optimization.

Customer & Partner Stories

Enterprises achieve public cloud cost savings in the region of 30 to 60%.

Autodesk rightsizes AWS costs. 

Optimizing via OpenShift compute resources via CI/CD. 


Hybrid cloud capacity management at FIS.

Densify Tech Bytes & Explainer Videos

Explainer: Histograms: Visualizing K8s Risks

Tech Byte: Predicting Cloud Workload Resource Requirements with Analytics

Tech Byte: The Importance of Resource Tagging to Cloud Cost & Performance

Tech Byte: Justifying Infrastructure Optimization to App Owners

Tech Byte: ServiceNow & Jira-Controlled Cloud Optimization

Tech Byte: Determining Level of Effort for Cloud Optimization

Tech Byte: Continuous Cloud Optimization through Dynamic Resource Selection

Cloud Cost Management Strategies

Supercharge Your FinOps Outcomes

Cloud Resource Governance

Cloud Cost Optimization for Enterprises

Cut Your Cloud Burn with Intel & Densify

Watch this 20-min video to learn how Intel and Densify can help you find waste and improvements in the cloud quickly. 

ITSM Integration in Resource Optimization

Densify’s experts discuss their findings from the field and walk through the 5 key requirements of ITSM integration for cloud and K8s resource optimization.

Reducing Hidden Financial Risks

The Latest Innovations in Public Cloud I

Demo: how to use AWS, Azure & GCP’s latest instances effectively.

The Latest Innovations in Public Cloud II

Demo: how to use AWS, Azure & GCP’s full instances catalog to it’s max potential.

Cloud & K8s Tagging Best Practices

Top 10 FinOps Strategies

FinOps for Engineers

Learn how to ensure app performance while managing cloud costs. 

Optimize Your Azure Instance Types

Solving the #1 FinOps Challenge

Cloud Cost Optimization

Supercharge Your FinOps Investment

Learn how to take advantage of the the 85% of cloud savings potential that lies within optimizing your cloud resources. 

Managing Cloud & Container Capacity

Setting K8S Requests and Limits

Learn effective methods of measuring, analyzing and visualizing Kubernetes risk and efficiency in scale and how to automate K8s optimization.

'80-20 Rule' for Kubernetes Optimization

Densify experts show how 80% of optimization savings can be achieved by focusing on 20% of the container deployments.

Container Optimization Techniques

Densify’s experts provide an in-depth analysis of 3 critical factors to consider when optimizing kubernetes. 

The Dangers of Unspecified K8s Resources

Learn the value of setting container requests and limits in order to avoid the dangers of unspecified K8s resources.

Cloud Cost Optimization & DevOps

See how successful enterprises manage cloud cost through DevOps. 

Optimizing K8s Nodes the Right Way

Densify’s experts discuss the hazards of node rightsizing without resource insight, including an actual customer scenario and a live demo.

Continuous Cloud Optimization

Terraform K8s Continuous Optimization

Container CPU & Memory Risks

K8s Build Optimization

Capacity Operations for K8s

Cloud Capacity Optimization for DevOps

Optimize Your K8s with Helm

Optimizing OpenShift K8s Infrastructure

Successful Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization Tools

K8s Resource Optimization Strategies