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Your Applications Deserve the Best​

Applications that run on suboptimal cloud instances or poorly-matched resources can cause significant unnecessary spend, or worse, introduce serious risks.​

Densify is a cloud and container resource management platform that makes applications self-aware of their personalities and precise resource scaling requirements.

With Densify, you get the best of both worlds: controlled spend and better-performing applications, no matter where they run.

  • Amazon Web Services Cost Optimization
  • Microsoft Azure Cost Optimization
  • Google Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Kubernetes Cost Optimization
  • Red Hat OpenShift Cost Optimization
  • Docker
  • VMware Cost Optimization

Proven at Scale in the World’s Leading Enterprises

Densify is the brain that drives automated infrastructure resource control in the world’s most recognizable and trusted brands.

Many solutions claim to reduce your cloud bill. But Densify is the only technology that leverages patented, predictive machine learning-powered analytics to perform advanced modeling of workload patterns, and provide precise optimization directives —not naive suggestions. This means we truly align supply and demand to optimize resource specifications for performance and cost at the workload level.​

Densify Coud & Container Optimization

How Densify Analytics Optimizes Cloud & Container Resources​

Densify doesn’t dumb down the problem by dealing in averages and basic calculations. Our answers factor in every critical constraint, and we show our work for every directive​.

Densify cloud & container optimization solution diagram

1. Learns Application Resource Demand Patterns & Personalities​

Densify continuously watches and learns the deep detail of your application usage patterns to build machine-learning-driven predictive models for behavior. We don’t limit how much history is considered so we always capture representative business patterns​

Densify learns application resource requirements over time
Densify models memory, CPU utilization, network I/O, and other app metrics over time

2. Factors in Constantly-Updated & Detailed Understanding of Underlying Infrastructure​​

Workload patterns are combined with an always up to date understanding of the characteristics of the hosting infrastructure.​ Densify understands:

  • Performance characteristics and benchmarks​
  • Technical constraints​
  • Capacity constraints​
  • Price​
  • Purchasing strategies like Savings Plans and Reserved Instances
Public cloud infrastructure analysis
Constantly updated with the critical characteristics of cloud and container infrastructure​

3. Considers Policies & Business Constraints

When combined with totally customizable business constraints and business specific policies, Densify perfectly matches infrastructure to workload demand while honoring the unique needs of organizations, departments, or apps​

Densify considers business policies when building analysis
Densify defines its models based on policies and constraints that are unique to your business

4. Precision of Analytics & APIs Allow for Automation

Densify recommendations are truly actionable—not just suggestions. Densify APIs allow for communication with other parts of your stack to enable change-controlled continuous optimization. Customers usually incorporate integrations with a combination of ITSM/ticketing, orchestrators, infrastructure as code, collaboration environments, business intelligence tools, and enterprise reporting.

Actioning of cloud & container optimization directives
Infrastructure optimization recommendations feed into and impact all areas of cloud management

Expert Advice or Assistance, if You Need it​

Densify’s team cloud and container optimization experts can assist in any aspect of driving value from your Densify investment.​

Densify FinOps experts

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