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Our service is used by the world's most successful organizations to scientifically balance infrastructure supply and application demands—resulting in infrastructure that is stable, automated, and provisioned based on analytics-derived answers, rather than human best-efforts and guesses. Densify enables self-optimizing infrastructure.

The Densify Partner Program is designed to empower a variety of IT services organizations and resellers.

What Types of Companies Partner with Densify?

Integrators & Technology Services Providers

Leverage Densify and its experts to assess customer environments for densification, cost reduction and transformation to public cloud. Engage customers with the answers they need rapidly and then equip them to manage efficiently into the future. Successful partners are those that see the customer workload lifecycle as a long-term challenge and opportunity. Supported analytics include:

Virtualization Densification
analyze existing virtualized environments for opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce risk
Virtualization Tech Refresh
analyze virtualized environments for purposes of refreshing hardware and right sizing at the same time
Cloud Transformation
analyze existing infrastructure for potential to move to private or public cloud
Cloud Cost Assessment
analyze existing public cloud instances to determine optimization steps
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Managed Service Providers

Use Densify to differentiate their service offerings, manage the process of transforming customer infrastructure, and control the balance of infrastructure supply and demand over the term of their outsourcing agreements. Outsourced infrastructure controlled by Densify ensures the lowest cost profile possible while maintaining service levels. No matter who owns or bears the cost burden of the infrastructure, Densify drives value for both the provider and the end customer.

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Software Resellers

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) that sell Densify to the Global 2000. Densify Resellers can resell Densify for both on-premise licensing or SaaS. Many resellers also wrap value added services around Densify to drive annuity revenue streams.

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Technology Partners

Densify technology partners integrate other infrastructure management ecosystem components with the Densify analytics engine. Leveraging rich API’s, these partners can bring the power of the industry's #1 optimization engine to their customers as an integrated component in managing the lifecycle of all workloads.

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Types of Densify Partnership Agreements

Referral partners leverage their customer relationships and influence to introduce Densify and its value. Densify sales and pre-sales works with you to drive to closure. Densify referral partners earn competitive referral commissions.
Resale partners equip their sales teams to engage in sales and pre-sales processes to close deals where the end customer is the licensee. Densify retailers earn very competitive margins.
Partner as Licensee/User
Partner users of Densify, often embedded in or part of a managed service license Densify for themselves at a significant discount from list price.

Deep Partner Support & Enablement Programs

Not only will Densify provide you with the best results for your customers, joining our partner program can help you differentiate your service offerings and kick-start sales.

The Densify Partner Program provides:

  • Sales and marketing support and investment
  • Service delivery support and resources
  • Services and sales resource portal
  • A Densify sales and pre-sales team that are compensated to assist in helping partners close business
  • Comprehensive training, testing, and support programs
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Responsive technical support

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Distributors Who Are Ready to Engage

Densify is happy to have direct inquiries from new partners but also has strong representation in leading distributors around the world.


Arrow and most of its global regions are ready to engage new Densify Partners.


DataSolutions is a leading specialist distributor of innovative IT solutions including enterprise cloud and covers the UK and Ireland.


Systematika is a leading cloud and hybrid infrastructure distributor focusing on the Italian markets.

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