Cirba Services for Enterprise Customers

Cirba is dedicated to developing technology solutions that allow our customers and
partners to create and manage the most efficient virtual and private cloud infrastructure.

Type of Cirba Service Offerings:

Implementation & Integration Services

Essential for new customers, this service covers the initial implementation process from design, through configuration /integration, to production start-up.

Managed Services

Remote service offerings to cover the ongoing care and maintenance of the Cirba application, and/or the execution of transformation projects.

Training Services

Cirba has a dedicated Training organization that provides initial training to new customers/users as well as ongoing, refresher/upgrade training.

Staff Augmentation

For existing customers who require technical assistance with specific projects, Cirba can provide skilled staff on a temporary time & material basis.

Enabling Software-Defined Infrastructure Control

Cirba utilizes an implementation framework of four core work packages that are designed to enable Cirba use cases

1. Improve Existing Infrastructure

1a. Infrastructure Design and Implementation

  • Cirba software designed, installed, and validated
  • Insight into use and efficiency of customer’s shared infrastructure
  • Accurate white space availability reporting

1b. Control Console Enablement

  • Solution design
  • Insight into optimization opportunites
  • Insight into risks and opportunities across the enterprise
  • Automation of recommended Cirba actions (right-sizing rebalancing)

1c. Software Licence Control

  • Reduced software licensing footprint
  • Optimised VM density and reduced physical hardware

2. Route, Reserve, & Plan

  • Demand management integrated into overall Operations processes
  • Auto-routing of workload requests
  • Accurate visibility into pending demand
  • Accurate capacity forecasts