Customer Support

Cirba Customer Support can be reached at:

Telephone: +1.905.731.1971
Portal: Customer Portal (login required)

Cirba's highly skilled support team provides our customers with superior, responsive technical support. Our subscription-based technical support includes timely problem resolution, access to our knowledge base, and new product releases; all to ensure clients get the most out of their Cirba investment.


  • 12x5 Support  (Monday - Friday from 4am - 8pm EST, excluding holidays)
  • Telephone, email, and Web-based support
  • eSupport via the Cirba Customer Portal to monitor requests online
  • Access to online knowledge base and FAQs, technical notes, documentation, and product-related announcements through Client Portal
  • Subscription-based support providing an unlimited number of support requests
  • Guaranteed response times established according to the nature of the support requests
  • Tiered, standardized response processes for escalation of support requests
  • Access to software upgrades
  • Customer satisfaction surveys to track and monitor performance

For more information about our support program, please contact us.