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How to Reduce Host-based Software Licensing Costs

Targeting virtual and cloud environments, many software providers have introduced host-based software licensing models such as core-based or processor-based licensing.

These models essentially permit the licensing of an entire physical host server upon which an unlimited number of instances can be run. The challenge lies in figuring out how to place VMs in order to actually reduce the licensing requirement - rather than just contain them to already licensed servers.

See How to Reduce Software License Costs by an
Average of 55% with Better VM Placements

Cirba for Software License Control

Cirba's Software License Control module is an add-on to our award-winning Control Console that:

  • Reduces the number of processors/hosts requiring licenses. By maximizing VM density and isolating licensed VMs from those not requiring the licenses.
  • Contains the licensed VMs on the licensed physical servers. By restricting placements of licensed VMs to the designated physical servers ensuring ongoing licensing compliance and efficiency.

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5 Tips to Reducing Requirements for
All Core and Processor-based Software Licenses, including:
  • Microsoft® SQL® Server
  • IBM® WebSphere®
  • Microsoft® Windows® Server Datacenter Edition
  • Oracle®
  • CA® Application Performance Management


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