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Analyst Reports


Vendor Profile: Cirba Software-Defined Infrastructure Control

This IDC vendor profile analyzes Cirba’s Software-Defined Infrastructure Control with workload aware predictive analytics.

“Workload-aware predictive analytics solutions such as Cirba are becoming important enablers of large-scale SDI environments…”

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Software-Defined Infrastructure Control: the way to get the best from your private cloud.

A recent Forrester analyst report¹ highlighted the top 10 facts about private cloud deployments and why organizations aren't getting the expected benefits. The 3 main causes they identified are:

  • "One environment does not fit all workloads"
  • "Private cloud ROI is a struggle…"
  • "Cloud washing is rampant, and you're probably doing it too."¹

Only Software-Defined Infrastructure Control (SDIC) removes the barriers to creating a fit-for-purpose private cloud. Learn how to achieve your operational goals and get way more business value from your private cloud.

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EMA Reviews Software-Defined Infrastructure Control - The Key to Empowering the Software-Defined Data Center

This whitepaper describes how SDIC provides the critical infrastructure visibility and intelligence necessary to optimally align data center capabilities and resources with application demands and their specific requirements.

"Cirba's software-defined infrastructure control solution offers functionality that can provide benefits to organizations no matter where they are in their journey to the SDDC."

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EMA Reviews Cirba Version 8 - Intelligently Placing Workloads and Balancing Capacity

This EMA Impact Brief reviews the capabilities of Cirba 8 within the context of today's discussions on cloud and software defined environments.

"The fact that none of today's top cloud platforms offer much guidance regarding workload placement and rebalancing, combined with the new, much more developer centric data center paradigm, demonstrates the importance of capacity optimization software, such as Cirba."

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EMA Vendor to Watch: Cirba

Cirba Recognized for Capacity Management Enabling Maximum Efficiency in Cloud Infrastructure

"Cirba solves the core virtualization and cloud challenge of where to most efficiently place application workloads without sacrificing SLA-compliance."

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White papers

Workload Routing & Reservation: 5 Reasons Why It Is Critical to Virtual & Cloud Operation

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Optimizing Capacity Forecasting Processes with a Capacity Reservations System for IT

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Server Capacity Defrag: Maximizing Infrastructure Efficiency through Strategic Workload Placements

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Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Capacity Control in Virtualized AIX Infrastructure

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Transformational Analytics: Virtualizing IT Environments

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Advanced Workload Analysis Techniques

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