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+ CiRBA Product Overview & Demonstration Videos

Quick Hit Videos

Demonstration of the
CiRBA Control Console &
Reservation Console

13 MinutesShare URL

CiRBA's new Reservation Console enables organizations to automate new workload routing and capacity reservations processes. After workloads are assigned to their target environment, see how CiRBA's Control Console optimizes infrastructure to minimize risk and maximize efficiency at the VM, host, cluster and environment levels.

Demonstration of the
CiRBA Control Console for
PowerVM on AIX Environments

12 MinutesShare URL

CiRBA's control console enables you to identify and address risks and inefficiencies at the VM (LPAR), host, host group & environment levels.

Demonstration of
CiRBA for
Cloud Migration Planning

22 MinutesShare URL

Watch this short demo to see how organizations leverage CiRBA's analytics for cloud migration analysis.


The CiRBA Control Console

50 MinutesShare URL

Intelligent Control over Density,
Efficiency & Risk in Virtual & Cloud Infrastructure

The CiRBA Reservation Console

55 MinutesShare URL

How to Gain Control Over Capacity Supply & Demand in Your Internal Cloud or Virtualized Infrastructure

+ Private/Internal Cloud Management and Operations - What You Need to Consider


Internal Cloud Management:
Bringing Order from Chaos

52 MinutesNEWShare URL

Roundtable panelists from GigaOM Research and CiRBA CTO Andrew Hillier address key areas important to internal cloud management and operations.

Leveraging Predictive Analytics in
Internal Cloud Implementations

65 Minutes NEWShare URL

Webcast sponsored by CiRBA

An analytics and policy-driven approach to workload placement and capacity management in internal clouds

Operational Models & Management Requirements for Private Clouds

55 MinutesShare URL

Operational Models & Management Requirements for Internal Private Clouds

+ CiRBA Customer Stories


Bank of America's
Journey to the Cloud

60 MinutesShare URL

Lessons learned to ensure your Private Cloud is efficient, low risk, and meets business needs.

+ Why VM Placements are Critical to Managing Risk and Efficiency

Quick Hit Videos

Why Placements are the Key to Maximizing Efficiency in Cloud and Virtualized Infrastructure

2 MinutesShare URL

Workload placements are the key to maximizing efficiency in Cloud and virtualized infrastructure.

When Not to use
VMware DRS for
workload placement

6 MinutesShare URL

CiRBA and VMware's DRS both determine placements but they do so in completely different ways.


The Tetris Effect: Increasing
the Efficiency of Virtualized Infrastructure

55 MinutesShare URL

Virtualization and consolidation have been widely embraced to reduce capital and operating costs.

+ How to Maximize Efficiency with Capacity Control – The Evolution of Capacity Management

Quick Hit Videos

The Evolution of
Capacity Management

8 MinutesShare URL

Why Capacity Control Systems are Required for Virtual & Cloud Infrastructure

Demonstration of the
CiRBA Control Console for
Virtual & Cloud Infrastructure

4 MinutesShare URL

Find out the solution for the challenges you have with virtual and cloud infrastructures


Capacity Management Evolved

65 MinutesShare URL

Webcast sponsored by CiRBA

How to Optimize VM Placement to Mitigate Risk, Right-Size Infrastructure and Cut Software Costs in Half

If It Only Had a Brain

52 MinutesShare URL

How to Gain Control Over Risk, Density & Efficiency in Virtual & Cloud Infrastructure

Three Steps to Maximize VM Density
& Efficiency in Virtual Environments

50 MinutesShare URL

Increase density and efficiency while minimizing performance risk and motioning in your virtual environments

False Measures of Efficiency
Inflate Infrastructure Costs

55 MinutesShare URL

Why False Measures of Efficiency Inflate Infrastructure Costs in Your Virtualized Environment

+ How Capacity Reservations Help Reduce Infrastructure Costs and Increase Agility

Quick Hit Videos

Why IT Needs a
Capacity Reservation System

5 MinutesShare URL

Did you know waste is rampant in virtual and cloud infrastructure?

Building fit for Purpose Infrastructure - Why Policy Counts

3 MinutesShare URL

Learn why you need policy-based management to cut costs and risks in virtual and cloud infrastructure

+ How to Reduce Datacenter Software Licensing Costs through Smart VM Placements

Quick Hit Videos

CiRBA Software
License Control

2 MinutesShare URL

Watch this 2 minute animation to learn how to achieve an average savings of 55% on software licensing costs.

Reducing Software Licensing
Costs in Virtual & Cloud Infrastructure

57 MinutesShare URL

Webcast sponsored by CiRBA

Learn how to contain licenses and control costs with predictive analytics that profile workloads to optimize placements.

+ Transformation Planning Resources

Quick Hit Videos

Why use CiRBA's Analytics for Transformation Planning

4 MinutesShare URL

CTO Address with
CiRBA CTO Andrew Hillier speak


Best Practices for
Building a Private Cloud

56 MinutesShare URL

How to speed up migration, while ensuring lower infrastructure cost and risk

Establishing a
Cloud Factory

52 MinutesShare URL

Six Steps to Ensuring Reduced Cost, Risk and Increased Agility

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