Bank Credits Cirba with 100% Improvement in Virtual Density

Cirba software optimizes workload density to cut hardware requirements by a third.

The Challenge: Old School Capacity Management Processes and Tools Introduced Cost and Risk

A leading European bank's reliance on manual capacity management processes and spreadsheets to manage infrastructure requirements and track utilization in its growing virtual environment resulted in inefficiencies and a lack of visibility as to how to fix the situation.

In order to reduce costs, the bank needed to do away with its time-intensive audits and rule-of-thumb estimates that consistently led to over-provisioning and issues with Virtual Machine (VM) sizing.

The Solution: A Holistic View of Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure

After evaluating eight other solutions that fell into capacity and performance management categories, the bank declared that Cirba was the only solution that could solve their problem.

Cirba enabled the bank to assess all the workloads, hosts and clusters in the environment and provided detailed, specific actions to:

  • Right-size, reconfigure and match VMs with the right software stacks app-by-app
  • Rebalance the environment, freeing up capacity for more virtual workloads to go into the existing environment
  • Optimize server configurations
  • Ensure policy compliance by modeling service levels, regulations and corporate requirements into the VM sizing and workload placement recommendations

The Results: Control Over Infrastructure Efficiency and Risk

By providing a single view into the health of the infrastructure through its unique Control Console and the actions required to optimize operations, Cirba has:

  • Significantly reduced the time spent managing the environment
  • Increase VM density by 100%
  • Reduced hardware needs by 33%

The bank now relies on Cirba every day to ensure the environment remains optimal by using its actions to address changing requirements and manage the flow of new workloads into the environment.