Why use Cirba for software-defined control?

Simply put, Cirba is built for the new software-defined era in which application requirements drive how enterprise infrastructure is organized and managed.

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Here are the top reasons why customers choose Cirba to optimize their infrastructures:

1. The only solution that optimizes and automates workload routing and compute
and storage capacity reservations

The only solution that optimizes and automates workload routing and compute and storage capacity reservations

Cirba's Reservation Console is unique, giving organizations complete visibility into the demand for compute, storage, and network resources.

The Reservation Console enables fearless agility by providing a single place to assess, place, and reserve capacity for inbound workload requests. The console enables teams to respond to new requests quickly, determining the optimal environment and holding the required capacity until it's needed. By using the console to track all in and outbound hosts and guests, organizations gain a comprehensive picture of infrastructure supply and demand in the future for accurate forecasting.

2. Policy-based analysis to enable software-defined control for virtual and private
cloud infrastructure

Policy Manager

Only Cirba provides comprehensive modeling of business and operational policies to give you required control for the various environments and workloads within your enterprise. Policy-based control over infrastructure is required to:

  • Automate key operational processes – if it isn't controlled via software, you can't automate it!
  • Maximize efficiency and reduce spend – only by understanding the true constraints on an environment and its workloads can you optimize it!
  • Ensure SLA and business policy compliance – by having it defined in the control layer, ensures compliance is systemic.
  • Control operational volatility – having policy codified helps to reduce surprises, responses that create more issues and unnecessary changes.

3. Strategic VM placements = Huge Infrastructure Savings

While most organizations have significant amounts of waste in virtual and private cloud environments, Cirba's customers have control over their infrastructure, running with less hardware, less software, and less risk. It's not unusual for Cirba to reduce hardware and software costs by 40-70%.

Workload Placement is a Critical Factor in Increasing Efficiency

Strategic workload placements = Higher density + Lower costs

The Question: How do we do it?
The key is workload placements.

Watch this 2-minute animation
to learn how placements impact efficiency in virtualized infrastructure like they
do in Tetris™.

Software License Control

Watch this 2-minute animation
to learn how to achieve an average savings of 55% on software licensing costs.

4. Automation for virtual, private cloud and software-defined infrastructure

Automation for virtual, private cloud and software-defined infrastructure

To automate, you need to have the right answers. Cirba's customers confidently automate VM placement and sizing recommendations leveraging packaged integrations and Cirba's web services API. Cirba enables:

  1. Cloud management platforms like OpenStack and other external systems to send a request to Cirba to receive the optimal initial VM placement for the request and reserve capacity for the new workload.
  2. Daily optimization of virtual and provide cloud infrastructure through integrations that enable VM placement, rebalancing, and resizing recommendations.

5. Meaningful efficiency measurement

Why the Cirba Efficiency Index is Critical

Why Cirba Efficiency Index is Critical

Most organizations rely on CPU or memory utilization to determine how efficient virtual and private cloud infrastructure is. This is a false measure of how much infrastructure is actually required.

Only Cirba models exactly what infrastructure is required based on actual workload requirements AND all of the additional requirements and policies that impact where things can go, such as HA / DR requirements, business and operational policies, regulatory requirements, or planned excess capacity for growth. This measurement is called the Cirba Efficiency Index and only Cirba can provide it.