CiRBA's Flexible Data
Collection Options

Empirical data is essential for quality analyses. CiRBA provides flexible data collection options and data quality reporting to ensure analyses leverage quality data that accurately reflects the historical patterns and trends in an environment. CiRBA's database acts as a centralized repository for all the critical information about your workloads including:

  • Configuration Details
    Through flexible rules-driven analysis, CiRBA analyzes deep hardware, OS, application, middleware and database configuration data so technical fit is accurately assessed.
  • Business and Policy Parameters
    Whether tracked in CMDBs or spreadsheets, CiRBA's configurable policies leverage critical information relating to regulatory requirements, maintenance windows, geography, service levels, and other key considerations to factor in when placing workloads.
  • Resource & Utilization Analysis
    CiRBA provides the most powerful utilization analysis available considering the nature of workload patterns and personalities to accurately determine what fits together and achieve an optimal balance between risk, service levels, and consolidation ratios.


Data Collection

Populating the Database

CiRBA provides flexible data acquisition options including:

  • CiRBA's native data collection options such as scripts, agentless capabilities or read-only agents.
  • Integrations to industry standard discovery tools including IBM TADDM and HP DDMI and configuration databases including BMC Atrium CMDB.
  • Import data from third-party monitoring or management systems to avoid duplicating data collection activities for utilization or configuration details.

Data Normalization Leveraging Industry Standards

CiRBA provides users with access to CINT benchmarks from

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