Cirba's Control Console

One view. Intelligent control for virtual, cloud, and software-defined infrastructure.

Just as cloud and virtualization are revolutionizing how enterprise IT is defined, Cirba is changing forever how infrastructures are balanced and meet demand requirements.


Cirba's award-winning Control Console improves infrastructure efficiency by 40 to 70% without introducing risk.

 Cirba Reservation Console

Cirba's Control Console is available for


In a single glance, you can see which infrastructure and workloads are at risk, which are optimally resourced, and which
are wasting resources.

Explore below how Cirba helps control compute, storage and software resources.



Cirba provides total control for planning and optimizing use of compute resources. Not only does Cirba determine how to place and balance workloads in order to safely maximize VM density, it also tells you when clusters and hosts have excess capacity or are at risk and you need more resources.

Cirba also identifies the primary resource constraint so you know exactly what to do in order to resolve issues in the environment. Through the bookings function, Cirba also enables you to model inbound and outbound VMs and hosts so you can have complete visibility into the future requirements.

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Through Universal Sensors Cirba analyzes additional resources including physical storage (through integration to NetApp OCI), datastores, VMware Resource Pools and other resources and performance metrics.

Resource status is visualized through the Control Console's spectrum visualization revealing for storage resources that are low on capacity, which are appropriately utilized and those that have excess capacity.

Users can also select storage resources to identify which Hosts and VMs are connected to it.

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Cirba for Software License Control


Cirba's Software License Control Module optimizes VM placements in virtual and cloud infrastructure in order to:

  1. Reduce the number of processors/hosts requiring licenses.
    Cirba determines optimized VM placements to both maximize the density of licensed components on physical hosts and isolate these licensed VMs from those not requiring the licenses.
  2. Contain the licensed VMs on the licensed physical servers.
    Cirba's analytics restrict placements of licensed VMs to the designated physical servers over time in order to ensure licensing compliance and continued efficiency.

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Control for Software-Defined Networking


Cirba provides a view of all workloads and resources associated with an application through its Control Console UI revealing which elements might be at risk or have excess resources allocated. Users can also see performance metrics and additional KPIs through the Cirba sensors to provide performance-aware capacity control for applications.


The CiRBA Efficiency Index

The Cirba Efficiency Index

Measure the efficiency of your environment with a single metric – the Cirba Efficiency Index – which reflects the amount of infrastructure required for utilization, policies, growth requirements, etc.

The CEI shows you how many servers are truly required vs. how many exist for both current and predicted views of an environment. Because the CEI models all requirements, a value of 1.00 is considered optimal.

Balance & Right-Size

Balance & Right-Size

Forget about tools that give you utilization charts and alerts and leave it to you to figure out what to do. Cirba's Action System provides specific recommendations and enables you to track, manage and even automate planned changes such as:

  • New VM placements
  • VM rebalancing moves and placements
  • VM allocation changes
  • Planned host or capacity changes



Cirba's flexible timeline enables you to view changes in your environment over time. Leverage predicted views to see the effects of organic growth and trends on health, see new workloads coming online, and planned host changes to forecast infrastructure requirements accurately.


To automate, you need to have the right answers. Cirba's customers confidently automate VM routing, placement, rebalancing and sizing recommendations leveraging packaged integrations, and Cirba's web services API.

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