Enabling Automation with Cirba

Cirba provides a number of options for integrating into customer environments,
enabling automation.

Cirba API

Cirba provides a workload routing API that enables our customers to integrate Cirba with any third party solution in your environment requiring placement and sizing information such as ticketing systems, orchestration, or even cloud management platforms such as solutions from OpenStack, and VMware. Using Cirba analytics to determine placements rather than relying on load balancers or human decisions, ensures that capacity is used efficiently and placement decisions are made according to the technical and business policies of the organization. The API also provides access to Cirba's Reservation Console, enabling capacity to be reserved and held for the workload and ensuring it is available when it is needed.

Cirba API enables organizations to automate:

  • Answering which environment and which host are best suited for a new workload according to available capacity, business, policy and operational considerations?
  • Reserving of capacity for a new workload to be placed in the future

Packaged Integration to VMware Environments

Cirba offers a comprehensive system to enable the automation of committed Cirba Action Plans for VMware environments such as daily rebalancing and VM re-sizing recommendations. Users can choose to automatically send placement and / or allocation changes to VMware while still maintaining control over timing of execution and how Cirba's recommendations work with choices made by other systems such as VMware's Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS).

XML-based Exports of Daily Recommendations

Cirba also makes the daily workload placement and VM sizing recommendations available via XML for easy importing or integration into other third-party management solutions such as ticketing systems, orchestration solutions, etc to ensure compliance with your own change management processes.