CiRBA's Capacity Control Console

One view. Intelligent control for virtual and cloud infrastructure.

CiRBA's award-winning Capacity Control Console improves infrastructure efficiency by 40 to 70% without introducing risk. Imagine knowing that you have the perfect amount of infrastructure to satisfy SLA and policy requirements, without having too much. And that your workloads are optimally placed and configured. This is the power of CiRBA.

CiRBA delivers these incredible results with our policy-based, predictive analytics engine for controlling capacity. Only CiRBA can optimize workload placements, resource allocations and infrastructure decisions to ensure you make the best possible choices for your environment. And only CiRBA shows you in a single glance which VMs, hosts, clusters and environments need attention and then provides the actions required for optimization. Simply put, we make a complex science simple.

See the Capacity Control Console for AIX-based IBM PowerVM environments.

Learn about CiRBA's Software License Control Module for the Control Console

CiRBA Control Console
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