CiRBA's Automated
Capacity Control Software

CiRBA sets the standard for Automated Capacity Control in virtual & cloud infrastructure. Only CiRBA's policy-based engine provides the precision required to confidently transform server infrastructure, automatically control VM placements, and predict future capacity requirements. Global 2000 customers using CiRBA see 40-70% improvements in infrastructure efficiency through dramatically higher VM density and safer, automated operations.

Explore our solution below to learn how CiRBA can give you control over infrastructure efficiency and risk and dramatically change how you plan and manage virtual and cloud environments.

Why are CiRBA's analytics so different from anything else in the market?

Only CiRBA's analytics can right-size infrastructure and optimize placements and allocations to reduce risk, prevent issues and make the best possible use of your infrastructure according to utilization requirements and operational policies. Click on the link above to learn more about why our answers are so different.

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