Partnering with Cirba

Cirba has re-imagined infrastructure control for the software-defined era. Our technology is used to enable the world's most successful organizations scientifically to balance infrastructure supply and application demand—creating a demand-driven approach to infrastructure management that maximizes efficiency and cost savings while reducing risk.

The Cirba partner program is designed to suit the broad variety of companies that offer Cirba capabilities alongside their own cloud and virtualized service offerings.

Partner Types

Cirba Powered Partners includes the following types of organizations:

Cirba Powered Cloud Providers

Leverage Cirba as part of their management stacks to control the placement of customer workloads into and then within their hosted cloud offerings. Through policy-based placements and allocations, they are able to ensure stable, efficient, and compliant management of the infrastructure.

Cirba Powered Outsourcers

Use Cirba to differentiate their service offerings, manage the process of transforming customer infrastructure, and control the balance of infrastructure supply and demand over the term of their outsourcing agreements.

Cirba Powered Technology Providers

Software vendors and hardware providers that integrate Cirba's analytics with their own technologies to manage workload placement and allocation decisions better and enable routing and reservations functionality as part of their own offerings.

Cirba Powered Service Providers

Systems Integrators and Consultants that use Cirba within their professional services offerings to assist clients in transforming and optimizing virtualized and cloud infrastructure.

Cirba Resellers

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) that sell Cirba licenses to the Global 2000.

Cirba Partner Program Features

Not only will Cirba provide you with the best results for your customers, joining our unique partner program can help you differentiate your service offerings and kick start sales. The Cirba Partner Program provides:

  • Sales and marketing support
  • Service delivery support and resources
  • Services and sales resource portal
  • Comprehensive training, testing, and support programs
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Responsive technical support

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