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Cirba's Top 5 Customers Expand Automated Capacity Control Licenses from 113,000 Servers to 236,000 Servers

Customers increase investment in Cirba software and double the scale of the environments managed with Cirba Automated Capacity Control.

TORONTO – November 26, 2013 - Cirba, a leading provider of Automated Capacity Control software, today announced that in the 12 months ended Oct 31st, it experienced unprecedented expansion within its customer install base. Of particular note is the fact that Cirba's top 5 customers substantially increased their investments in Cirba software and now use it to control almost a combined quarter million servers across their data centers.  Cirba defines a server as either a physical server or virtual machine.

The additional purchases were driven by a desire to increase efficiency and lower risk across a greater footprint in their environments.  Customers cited the key reasons for expansion as the need to increase automation, reduce third-party software licensing costs through optimized VM placements, and increase VM density and the elimination of capacity related performance issues.  In many cases customers were also increasing scope to control additional platforms including VMware, Microsoft HyperV, Redhat RHEV or IBM PowerVM.  Another major contributor was preparation for the soon to be released Cirba Reservation Console and associated routing functionality.

"Growth in new and existing customers this year has been exceptional. When existing customers expand their deployments to this scale, in some cases tripling their investments, you know you are adding significant value," said Gerry Smith, President & CEO of Cirba. "It certainly helps that the software deploys and integrates quickly and rapidly funds itself through hard dollar impact."

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Cirba is the gold standard for Automated Capacity Control software in virtual and cloud infrastructure. Only Cirba's policy-based engine provides the precision required to confidently transform server infrastructure, automatically control VM placements, and predict future capacity requirements. Global 2000 customers using Cirba see 40-70% improvements in infrastructure efficiency through dramatically higher VM density and safer, automated operations.

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