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Cirba Named EMA Vendor to Watch

Cirba Recognized for Capacity Management Enabling Maximum Efficiency in Cloud Infrastructure

Toronto, Ontario – April 18, 2013Cirba, a leading provider of capacity transformation and control software, today announced that industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) named the company a "Vendor to Watch."  EMA "Vendors to Watch" are companies that provide unique customer value by solving problems that have previously gone unaddressed.  Cirba was selected for its distinct ability to optimize VM placements and dynamically rebalance virtual and cloud infrastructure, which enables organizations to significantly reduce hardware and software requirements while also reducing operational risk.

"Cirba's analytics fill a critical void that exists in the management of virtual and cloud infrastructure," says Torsten Volk, Research Director, EMA.  "Inefficient workload placement and a general lack of ongoing infrastructure optimization are the key reasons for organizations not achieving the expected virtualization and cloud ROI.  I am constantly impressed with the way Cirba approaches the challenge of infrastructure management, and their unique ability to determine the most efficient workload placements without sacrificing SLA-compliance. Cirba goes much further than other capacity management and transformation solutions, as it truly ties business considerations to the way individual application workloads are handled."

Cirba's Control Console provides an innovative view of an organization's virtual or cloud infrastructure by plotting environments, clusters, hosts and VMs in a spectrum that shows whether the entities have too much, too little or just the right amount of infrastructure available. Supporting this unique view are specific recommendations for optimizing infrastructure that can be automated by integrating to management and orchestration or ticketing systems depending on the change management processes of the organization. Cirba's analytics typically uncover hardware and software reductions of 40 to 70 percent by optimizing workload placements and right-sizing VMs according to utilization requirements, technical configurations and operational policies. Cirba's console provides both current and predictive views of infrastructure, considering existing workloads, trends and capacity reservations or bookings for new VMs or hosts coming into and leaving an environment to ensure the right levels of capacity exist now and in the future.

"It is gratifying to be recognized as a vendor to watch by an organization like EMA – they do a tremendous job of analyzing the cloud ecosystem and outlining how all the pieces can and should fit together," said Andrew Hillier, Cirba CTO.  "This award confirms the strategic role of workload placement in mitigating risk and maximizing efficiency in virtual and cloud infrastructure and the need for those placements to be based on service level requirements, business policies configurations, capacity reservations, as well as utilization – something only Cirba can do."

About Cirba Inc.

Cirba is the world's leading capacity transformation and control system for virtual and cloud infrastructure. Cirba improves infrastructure efficiency between 40 to 70 percent without introducing risk. Cirba accomplishes these incredible results by leveraging our unparalleled policy-based, predictive analytics engine for controlling capacity by determining intelligent workload placements and resource allocations. Our award-winning user interface makes a complex science simple. Global 2000 customers using Cirba see dramatically higher density, utilization and safer, automated operations.

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