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Cirba Announces Special Product Advisory Conference on Balancing Capacity Supply and Demand in the Modern Data Center

Cisco, FedEx, Citibank, Cigna, Lowes, McKesson, AIG, TD Bank Group, Intel and others to discuss the future of virtual and cloud infrastructure management.

TORONTO – December 9, 2013 - Cirba, a leading provider of Automated Capacity Control software, today announced that on December 12th and 13th 2013 it will hold a special customer product advisory conference to discuss the challenge of balancing capacity supply and demand within virtualized and private cloud environments. Attendees will review Cirba's new Reservation Console, which is scheduled to be available as part of Cirba Version 8.0 in January 2014.

The day and a half of meetings will bring together carefully selected advisors from Cirba's largest customers who collectively control the capacity of more than 335,000 servers with Cirba. Over the course of the conference, the advisors will review the ground-breaking capabilities of Cirba's new Reservation Console. The console enables organizations to automate and control workload routing according to key criteria such as cost, occupancy levels, and technical and business considerations such as software licensing and operational policies.  As its name suggests, the Reservation Console also provides users with a new avenue to reserve capacity in advance of its actual use, guaranteeing that resources will be available for application deployments and effectively acting as a "hotel reservation system" to application groups and lines of business.

"The data center of today and tomorrow looks nothing like yesterday's," said Gerry Smith, president and CEO of Cirba.  "Cloud and virtualization are affording tremendous flexibility in the provisioning of infrastructure; however the management of capacity can no longer be something performed periodically.  Capacity control is now a daily operational imperative because of the dynamic nature of these environments."

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Cirba is the gold standard for Automated Capacity Control software in virtual and cloud infrastructure. Only Cirba's policy-based engine provides the precision required to confidently transform server infrastructure, automatically control VM placements, and predict future capacity requirements. Global 2000 customers using Cirba see 40-70% improvements in infrastructure efficiency through dramatically higher VM density and safer, automated operations.

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