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Cirba Control Console for Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure Receives New Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan

TORONTO – February 8, 2012Cirba Inc., today announced that it is the recipient of the North American New Product Innovation Award in Management and Analytics for Cloud and Virtual Environments from Frost & Sullivan. The award is for Cirba Version 7.0 which features a new Control Console that gives IT organizations unprecedented control over risk and efficiency in virtual and cloud infrastructure. The console provides a revolutionary visualization revealing in a single view where attention is required at the VM, host, cluster and environment level and explicit instructions on what to do in order to eliminate risk and increase efficiency.

According to Frost & Sullivan's report:

"Cirba's v7 solution radically changes existing approaches to managing virtual and cloud infrastructure. Cirba Version 7.0 provides a new way of visualizing the health of virtual and cloud infrastructures. The patented Advanced Analytics Engine performs multi-dimensional analysis based on different constraints like technical, business and utilization. Cirba's excellence and capability is reflected in delivering a solution that combines the diverse components required for analytics. The solution amalgamates features such as visualization across timelines, prescriptive actions to improve operational efficiency, and comprehensive analytics, thus gaining a commodious edge over other solutions." 

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"We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to the Control Console in Version 7.0, and we're honored by Frost & Sullivan's recognition of Cirba as the best in class solution," said Andrew Hillier, co-founder and CTO, Cirba.  "Organizations simply cannot cope with the complexity introduced by virtualization and cloud operating models using existing monitoring and capacity management tools. There are too many factors to consider such as the movement of workloads in and out of environments, the existing workload requirements, operational constraints, service level requirements, and policies, and too many possible approaches to a problem such as moving a workload, changing its allocation, and increasing physical capacity to be able to look at a utilization chart and know what to do. Because of this, intelligent processing of all this data using predictive analytics is the only way organizations can really understand where to place workloads, how to allocate resources, and how much capacity is required. Having these answers is essential to being able to run leaner, low risk virtual environments."

Frost & Sullivan used the following criteria to benchmark Cirba's solution against competitors for the New Product Innovation Award:

  • Innovative Element of the Product
  • Leverage of Leading Edge Technologies
  • Value Added Features/Benefits
  • Increased Customer ROI
  • Customer Acquisition/Penetration Potential

About Cirba Inc.

Cirba's predictive analytics software enables organizations to intelligently transform, control and automate virtual and cloud infrastructure. Global 2000 organizations rely on Cirba to establish and manage leaner, lower risk next generation data centers by optimizing workload placement, resource allocation and infrastructure decisions.

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