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Leading Financial Organization Chooses Cirba Analytics to Plan Migration of 100,000 Workloads to the Cloud

TORONTO - July 18, 2011 - Cirba Inc., a leader in Data Center Intelligence (DCI) software, today announced the general availability of Cirba 6.2, which offers new cloud planning analytics that streamline and improve decision-making processes around cloud migration. Cirba also announced that it signed a multi-year enterprise license deal with a leading financial services organization to implement Cirba to migrate more than 100,000 workloads to the cloud.  Usage of Cirba as a key part of the initiative will enable faster, safer and more efficient placement decisions as well as provide a communication vehicle for sharing plans and gaining buy in with application owners.

 “We are very excited about Cirba’s latest analytics package for cloud migration, and to kick off the GA release with such a major endorsement of our product,” said Chuck Tatham, senior vice-president of operations and business development at Cirba.  “Most organizations now know that merely moving workloads to the cloud does not mean an automatic cost savings. Cirba’s analytics enable organizations to determine how to set up internal cloud environments, as well as qualify candidates for the cloud, determine the optimal environment, placement, instance size and software stack for individual workloads, and deal with workloads that aren’t suitable for migration.”

For organizations looking to determine which workloads should migrate to cloud infrastructure, Cirba’s analytics factor in all the critical characteristics of physical and virtual workloads ranging from utilization patterns and personalities to configurations and governing policies. These workload profiles are assessed against possible environments, available capacity, instance catalogs, software stacks and costs to determine the optimal placements and configuration choices.  Leveraging packaged analytics not only ensures consistency and accuracy in determining where workloads should go, but it also enables organizations to execute on migration strategies with vastly greater speed, lower risk and lower cost. 

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Cirba Data Center Intelligence (DCI) is analytics software that determines the optimal workload placements and resource allocations required to safely maximize the efficiency of Cloud, virtual, and physical infrastructure.

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