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Cirba Introduces Cirba Efficiency Index Metric For True Measurement Of Data Center Server Efficiency In Virtual
And Cloud Infrastructure

Cirba Version 6.1 combines new metric with workload placement analysis in order to maximize VM density and minimize infrastructure purchases

Toronto, Ontario - March 8, 2011 - Cirba Inc., a leader in Data Center Intelligence (DCI) software, today announced the general availability of Cirba Version 6.1. This version provides IT organizations with a new metric for measuring the efficiency of infrastructure called “Cirba Efficiency Index”. Cirba Efficiency Index provides a precise measurement of server infrastructure requirements that factors in utilization patterns, technical constraints and business and operational policies at the same time. Leveraging this measure, organizations can identify exactly how much infrastructure is required to safely service workloads, allowing excess capacity to be accurately measured and reclaimed for other purposes. Cirba's Efficiency Index metric models infrastructure requirements and considers all governing policies an organization may have in place such as:

  • Service level requirements
  • Risk tolerance
  • Security and Regulatory requirements
  • Planned growth
  • High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) policies and plans

Organizations typically don’t factor policy requirements into efficiency measurements and rely solely on traditional utilization metrics such as CPU utilization to determine how well infrastructure is being utilized. In most cases this is a false measure, as the utilization of a specific resource is not necessarily a good indication of how many servers are required, which is often dictated by other constraints and operational policies.

"CPU, memory, and IO utilization metrics only tell part of the story when it comes to efficiency and infrastructure requirements,” said Andrew Hillier, co-founder and CTO of Cirba. “The real question is how many servers are required to safely host a set of workloads, and how this compares to the number of servers that are actually deployed. If more servers are deployed than are actually needed then there is an opportunity to increase efficiency, either by reclaiming servers or adding more VMs. If, on the other hand, analysis shows that no servers can be removed without adversely affecting the applications, then the environment is running as efficiently as it can be, regardless of what the percent CPU utilization is. Unfortunately, very few environments are at that level of efficiency, and it is not uncommon for us to go into an environment and find that they have purchased twice the hardware they actually need.”

Cirba’s Efficiency Index metric is available with Cirba Version 6.1 through a new Efficiency and Risk dashboard. The dashboard provides trend-based views of the capacity required to service both the workload utilization and policy requirements. By modeling these two measurements distinctly and applying them against infrastructure supply, organizations gain a graphical view of how much spare capacity exists over time. The dashboard also provides comparative measures against the actual busiest day in history and a perfect storm scenario in which all workloads hit their peak at the same time enabling infrastructure managers to confidently make decisions as to how to reallocate excess capacity and to predict when new capacity will be needed.

The Efficiency and Risk dashboard also leverages Cirba’s Server Capacity Defrag analysis, which provides specific recommendations on where to place workloads in order to safely optimize efficiency. Server Capacity Defrag is not disk defrag– it is the act of maximizing density in virtualized infrastructure by strategically placing workloads in order to make the best possible use of server resources. Using this approach, the dashboard also offers specific infrastructure recommendations to further optimize environments such as upgrading CPU or adding memory, in order to provide a detailed roadmap to an efficient and safe data center.

Cirba DCI is the only cross-platform analytics software solution that enables organizations to safely maximize the efficiency of Cloud-based, virtualized and physical infrastructure by determining the best host infrastructure for workloads, how much is required, how it should be allocated, and where to place workloads in order to maximize utilization. Cirba DCI is used by organizations to plan transformations, migrate platforms, and manage the efficiency and risk of infrastructure on an ongoing basis.

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Cirba Data Center Intelligence (DCI) is analytics software that determines the optimal workload placements and resource allocations required to safely maximize the efficiency of Cloud, virtual, and physical infrastructure.

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