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Cirba's Virtualization Planning and Management Software Wins Best of VMworld Gold Award for Capacity Planning, Consolidation Software

Cirba 4.4 Recognized for Superior Capabilities Surrounding Planning and Long-Term Management of Production Virtualization

Toronto, Ontario – September 17, 2007 Cirba Inc., a leader in Data Center Intelligence, today announced that Version 4.4 of its leading consolidation and virtualization analysis software was presented with the Best of VMworld Gold Award for Capacity Planning, Consolidation Software.

The winners of the Best of VMworld Awards were selected from more than 100 exhibitors at the VMworld 2007 conference which was held last week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and sponsored by VMware Inc, the world’s leading provider of virtualization solutions for x86-based servers and desktops. An independent team of judges consisting of experts and editors from reviewed and evaluated the products according to innovation, value, performance, reliability and ease of use.

“This award is continued validation that Cirba’s technology is not only innovative, but provides the fastest, safest path to an optimally consolidated and virtualized data center,“ said Gerry Smith, President and CEO of Cirba. “Cirba is the only solution on the market that analyzes all of the constraints that can make or break success in production virtualization.”

Cirba’s unique multi-dimensional analysis capabilities enable organizations to simultaneously analyze critical business and technical constraints and detailed workload data to map virtualization opportunities. With Version 4.4, Cirba enables organizations to factor into their analysis the unique characteristics of VMware’s virtualization technologies, such as VMware-associated CPU overhead, to further enhance the accuracy of virtualization planning.

Once organizations have used Cirba to determine optimal initial placements and cluster design, Cirba also helps them keep environments optimized over the long term by integrating with VMware’s Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS). Through this integration, it is seamless to create and synchronize rules that maintain optimal placement of virtual machines within virtualized environments.

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About Cirba Inc.

Cirba is a leading provider of Data Center Intelligence (DCI) solutions. Cirba provides enterprise software that enables Global 5000 organizations to rapidly analyze and visually map the safest path to an optimally consolidated and virtualized data center. Using a unique cross platform, multi-strategy approach, Cirba addresses all configuration, workload and business constraints to ensure success in any consolidation initiative.

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