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Cirba Builds On/Off Switch For Cloud Applications
Best Cloud Tools for Infrastructure Automation: Take the Pain Out of Infrastructure Management with These 50 Tools for Agile DevOps
Solving the puzzle of hybrid cloud [Q&A]
To Hybrid or Not to Hybrid? Is That the Right Cloud Question?
Avoid Falling Victim to Hybrid Cloud Hype
Cirba Inc is the new trend-setter of creating reliable data centers among all other industries
Five Multicloud Management Vendors Named as IDC Innovators
Cirba VP: Brexit clears the skies for hybrid cloud
Cirba VP: Brexit clears the skies for hybrid cloud
The complicated cost of cloud
Densify cloud clarity: right cloud, right data, right time bolstered with hybrid capacity analytics
Densify cloud clarity: right cloud, right data, right time Delivers Hybrid Capacity Analytics for Cloud Migration
Executive Viewpoint 2017 Prediction: Cirba – The Year of Cloud-Washed Virtualization


HP Enterprise On 'Composable' IT Infrastructure, Hardware Is Now Software
Cirba announces Hewlett Packard Enterprise integration
Hybrid Cloud: Minimize the Pain and Maximize the Financial Gain
VMworld 2016: All Brawn and No Brain
Cirba gets touchy-feely on capacity optimisation analytics
Cirba folds expert advisers into infrastructure optimization service
Hot products from VMWorld 2016
Cirba beefs up SaaS offering with new insights feature
Infrastructure utopia
Cirba Expands Cloud Integration with New Platform Update
How to Leverage Software-Defined Networking to Increase Infrastructure Efficiency across the Enterprise
Cirba fires up automated cloud densification machine
Cirba supports Arista: the 7 tools for a cloud mechanic
Cirba sets cloud decision control for the heart of the sun
VMblog's Expert Interviews: Andrew Hillier Talks about Analytics, Management and Hybrid Clouds
Choppy waters await 2016’s B2B tech pre-IPO voyagers
Cirba expands its infrastructure management optimiser to the public cloud
The 2015 Virtualization Review Editor's Choice Awards


Taking The Guesswork Out Of The Virtualized Environment
Dell, EMC and the rush to New Computing
Enterprise Product of the Year – Software
Cirba to Discuss Importance of Predictive Analytics in Software-Defined Infrastructure at Gartner Data Center Conferences
New products of the week 11.23.15
Cirba Connects to EMC ViPR to Fix Storage Inefficiencies
5 VM Routing Mistakes Made in Private Clouds
Cirba Offers VM Rebalancing Through Policy-based Controls
34 New Offerings Proving VMworld Is The Key Storage Conference
Cirba brings universal storage management one step closer with Netapp support
Cirba Adds Intelligence to VMware vSphere DRS to Combine Software-Defined Control with Real Time Response
New products of the week 08.24.2015
When Is A Cloud, Not A Cloud?
Cirba Issues Statement: Control Analytics Essential to Adopting Software-Defined Networking
Cirba Extends Infrastructure Analytics to NetApp Storage Solutions
Cirba Extends Infrastructure Control Analytics to NetApp
The Network Is Dead - Long Live The Network!
Cirba Extends Infrastructure Control Analytics to NetApp
How To Look Inside A Cloud
Cirba: without balance, the cloud is inefficient
Four Steps To Simplifying the Software-Defined Data Center Andrew Hillier (CTO and founder of Cirba) talks about Densification
Cirba Expands Predictive Analytics for Virtual Environments
Cirba Adds KVM Support to IT Analytics Software
Cirba – stick that app where it's needed
20 Cloud Deployment Mistakes to Avoid
Software-Defined Control for KVM and OpenStack Environments
New products of the week 05.04.15
Beware the steep OpenStack install learning curve
Data Center Operators Need to Think Differently about Client Workloads
Are OpenStack and VMware waging a private cloud war?
Workload Routing & Reservation: 5 Reasons Why It Is Critical To Virtual & Cloud Operation
Five Tips to Reduce Software Licensing Costs in Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure
3 Steps to Enhance Routing Decisions in VMware vRealize Automation
Why Software-Defined Should be Driving Your Cloud Strategy
Executive Viewpoint 2015 Prediction: Cirba - The Software-Defined Data Center Heats Up
Cirba 2015 Predictions: Realizing the Practical Realities of the Software-Defined Data Center
2015: A New Year and a New Network


Defining 'Software-Defined' Environments
Cirba Hosts Product Advisory Conference on Software-Defined Infrastructure Control
How to make people get IT
Cirba 2015 Predictions: Realizing the Practical Realities of the Software-Defined Data Center
Networking technologies emerging in the enterprise
Building Software-Defined Control for Your Data Center
Cirba to Speak on Software-Defined Infrastructure Control at Gartner Data Center Conferences
The SDDC: Still a Work in Progress
Why Has Software-Defined Parted from the Cloud?
IT entrepreneur honored by U of T
The New Leaders of the Management Software Industry
Government IT disasters are so predictable they could be automated
Is Your Network Hyperconverged Yet?
Cirba at VMworld 2014
Hot products at VMworld 2014
Cirba Has Capacity to Control Virtualisation Sprawl
Q&A: Interview with @Cirba, Talking Software-Defined Technologies
Software that keeps employees happy, automates deployments faster
Cirba  says SDN is a long way off
How to reach a software-defined operational state of bliss
The Data Center Dating Game: Matching Application Needs With Infrastructure Capabilities
Cloud Expo Power Panel | Hybrid Clouds: Best Path to IT Transformation?
Cloud Expo 2014 Interview with CiRBA @ 14th Cloud Expo
Andrew Hillier, Co-founder & CTO of CiRBA
Feast, famine or first-rate data center capacity management
How to build a private cloud
Overprovisioning VMs may be safe, but it isn't sound
How to turn your datacentre into a private cloud
Achieving Private Cloud Success
New products of the week 05.05.14
CTO Says Cloud Services Earn Vote of International Election Monitoring Group
Finally Solving Network and Storage Capacity Planning?
Cirba removes need to buy hardware for the data center
Cirba Partner Programme Adds Outsourcers And CSPs
Cirba Signs Gotham as Reseller for Automated Capacity Control
Gotham Technology Group Becomes Cirba VAR
Cirba Advances Partner Program with Addition of Outsourcers and Cloud Service Provider Categories
Cirba adds new benefits for outsourcer and cloud service provider partners
Cirba's Automated Capacity Control software now targeting the CSP market
Cirba Advances Partner Programme with Addition of Outsourcers and Cloud Service
Cirba Expands Partner Program
Why Intelligent VM Routing Is Critical to Your Private Cloud's Success
How to Manage Your Virtualized Infrastructure Like the Ritz
Video Interview with Andrew Hillier, Cirba CTO & Co-Founder
Executive Viewpoint 2014 Prediction: Cirba - 3 Reasons Why Managing Capacity Supply and Demand will be Crucial in 2014
Cirba Offers Way through Virtualisation Management Maze
Cirba goes in multi-hypervisor drive in bid to bring unity and efficiency to datacentres
Reservation system for the cloud
Automated capacity control adds Hyper-V support
Cirba's Automated Capacity Control Now Supports Microsoft Hyper-V
Cirba Adds Hyper-V Support in Latest Software Update
Cirba's Automated Capacity Control Now Supports Microsoft Hyper-V
Tetris theory for multi-hypervisor clouds
Products of the week 1.20.14
Cirba Adds Hyper-V Support in Latest Software Update
Release: CiRBA 8.0
Release: CiRBA 8.0
Cirba's Automated Capacity Control Now Supports Microsoft Hyper-V


Three approaches to slash virtualisation costs
Software Efficiency, Multi-Hypervisor and Software Defined Challenges to be seen in 2014
Will Cirba bring VM order to cloud chaos?
Cirba - VMWorld Barcelona 2013
Avoiding cloud lock-in, self-service bloat and private cloud traps
Refresh your approach to private cloud capacity planning
How to get self-service right in private clouds
Cirba - VMWorld 2013
Cirba Employs Balanced Scorecard to Drive Workload Scheduling
A Cloud App Hotel Reservation System from Cirba
Cirba's New Reservation Console Automates Cloud Workload Management
Cirba's New Reservation Console Fills Critical Gap in Enterprise Cloud Operations by Automating VM Routing and Capacity Bookings
Hot products from VMworld 2013
Cirba Adds Reservation Console For Virtual Machine Workloads
15 Cloud And Virtualization Products Fueling Buzz At VMworld 2013
Giving the Cloud a Brain with Cirba
Cirba's New API Adds VM Placement Brain to Cloud Management Platforms such as OpenStack
Products of the week – 6.17.13
The Death of Capacity Management as We Know It
Flushing out cloud management platform plumbing
How to build a private cloud
Channel Could Save Millions For Banks On Private Cloud OpEx
Data analytics in the cloud? Better do the cloud analytics first
Drag-and-Drop Cloud Application Transformation
Needed Data Center Skills are Changing
Cirba - data centers are like hotels not apartments
Five misconceptions of software licensing
Cirba named EMA Vendor to Watch
5 Misconceptions of Cloud Software and Virtual Licensing
Cloud service providers: what are their five biggest lies?
Smart virtual machine licensing for 55% cost saving
Cirba saves customers 55% on software licensing costs
Cirba and right analytics
Cirba Claims It Can Save Clients From Licence Inflation
Cirba Saves Customers 55% on Data Center Software Licensing Costs
Cirba Targets 'Licensing Sprawl' in Data Centers
Overcoming the Perils of Licensing with Cirba
Release: CiRBA 7.2
Making virtual to cloud migration analysis easier
New Product News – January 24, 2013
Cirba simplifies cloud management with drag and drop
Cirba Introduces Drag and Drop Transformation Planning
Cirba's Console Find the Goldilocks Zone for Cloud Services
Cirba Takes Trial and Error Out of Virtualization Game


Cirba - Dell World 2012
Live from the ODCA Solutions Summit with Cirba – Intel Chip Chat
Big Changes Happening to the Data Center Management Space in 2013
New Management Challenges Mean Data Centers Are No Longer Kickin' it Old school
CloudExpo West 2012: Editor Rich Steeves interviews Andrew Walton about the CiRBA Console.
Cirba 2013 Predictions: Demand Management for Infrastructure a Key Focus in 2013
Why Predictive Analytics Are Essential for a Well-Managed Virtual Environment
Cirba puts resources where needed
Cirba and Dell Partner - Give Customers Greater Control over Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure
Best of VMworld 2012 awards
Your VMworld 2012 Virtualization Management Sponsors and Exhibitors Short List
Can you cut data center infrastructure costs with new analytics tools?
5 Ways to Maximize Density and Service Levels in PowerVM and AIX
Capacity Reservations: The Need for Booking Systems in IT
Data Center Links: nlyte, CiRBA, NetApp
Forecasting Cloud Computing Requirements
for Efficient Virtual Server Utilization
Visualizing a Large-Scale Private Cloud
Cirba Brings Policy-driven Analytics to Cloud Expo
Cirba Offers Capacity Control for IBM PowerVM Platform
Virtualization pros weigh manual capacity management against automation
CRN's 2012 Virtualization 100
Cloud Expo New York: Infrastructure Planning in Next-Gen Data Centers
Vigilent, Cirba Raise Funding for DCIM Tools
Cirba Secures Series C Round of Financing
Venture capital deals
Cirba Raises $15M From Tandem, Sigma, Edgestone
Cirba Virtualization - The Tetris Effect Part1
Cirba at the Intel® Xeon® E5 Processor Launch
Beyond the Spreadsheet: Tips for Cloud Migration
What IT Can Learn From Hotel Operations
Controlling Complexity In Converged Infrastructure
Internal Clouds: All Muscle and No Brain?
Will Cloud Become the De Facto Standard for Computing?
Controlling complexity in converged infrastructure
Q&A with Andrew Hillier of Cirba
Cirba Ships Control Console for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization


Cirba Talks to SYS-CON.TV at Cloud Expo Silicon Valley
Cirba: Automation is the Logical Next Step for Internal Cloud Environments
The Cloudist Interview with Cirba CTO Andrew Hillier
Finding Your Brain: Cirba Talks Cloud, Analytics Software at Cloud Expo
If Only Your Internal Cloud Had a Brain
Q&A with Chuck Tatham of Cirba
Open Virtualization Alliance Is Growing Like A Weed
The Importance of Policy in Cloud Migration
Cloud Expo: Building a Cloud Factory
Leading Financial Organization Chooses Cirba Analytics to Plan Migration of 100,000 Workloads to the Cloud
Leading Financial Organization Chooses Cirba Analytics to Plan Migration of 100,000 Workloads to the Cloud
Cirba Talks to SYS-CON.TV at Cloud Expo New York (Video)
Cloud Expo NY 2011 - Interview with Cirba (Video)
Cloud migration cost saving requires 'clever approach', researchers say
Corporations' cloud moves are ill-prepared – survey
Learn to read the clouds - the shape they're in gives vital clues
says cloud assessment guru Ayman Gabarin at Cirba
Avoiding Buffet-Style Overindulgence in Your Internal Cloud
Three Ways to Keep Internal Cloud Computing Infrastructure Costs in Check
5 Ways to Measure Virtualization Efficiency
Cloud Computing: Creating a Functioning Market for Capacity
DCIM company launches new infrastructure metric
Cirba Introduces new Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure metric
The New Cloud Tool Kit
Datacenter Optimization