Optimizing Capacity Forecasting Processes with a Capacity Reservations System for IT

White Paper

Virtually every area of human endeavour that involves the use of shared resources relies on a reservation system to manage the booking of these assets. Hotels, airlines, rental companies and even the smallest of restaurants rely on reservation systems to optimize the use of their assets and balance customer satisfaction with profitability. Or, as economists would say, strike a balance between supply and demand.

So how can a modern IT environment expect to operate effectively without having a functioning capacity reservation system? The simple answer is that it can't. With the rise of cloud computing, where resources are shared on a larger scale and capacity is commoditized, modeling future bookings and proper forecasting of demand is critical to the survival of IT. Not having proper systems in place leaves forecasting to trending and guesswork - a dangerous proposition that usually results in over-provisioning and excessive capacity.

Download this paper to learn how to manage the demand pipeline for new workload placements in order to improve the accuracy of capacity forecasting and increase agility in response to new workload placement requests.

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