Capacity Control Systems for Everyone

We had a discussion the other day with an analyst who told us that a vendor couldn’t say that they had a true data center solution if they didn’t provide multi-hypervisor support beyond VMware. He was right. It’s a changing virtualization landscape today. While there’s no doubt that VMware still has the market share; with the rise of cloud computing, IT shops are experimenting with more than one hypervisor platform and with the many options that are out there, are often reluctant to be locked into long term contracts with one particular vendor. With the adoption of multiple hypervisors and the persistence of multiple platforms however, comes the challenge of managing the new virtualized data center. IT needs a solution that enables consistent levels of management and operational control across all their platforms so that they can consistently control the efficiency and risk of all virtual and cloud infrastructure.

Cirba recently announced version 7.1 which now brings our revolutionary Capacity Control Console to the IBM PowerVM for AIX platform. Ours is the only solution that offers a system for control over capacity. One that enables organizations to place workloads, allocate resources and size infrastructure for VMware, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and now PowerVM. We’re really excited about this release because the benefits that our VMware and Red Hat customers have come to enjoy by leveraging our Control console are now available to AIX users – namely:

  • Increased visibility into the health of PowerVM infrastructure through a single console
  • The ability to control capacity reservations and increase forecasting accuracy with our Bookings Management System
  • Getting prescriptive actions to avoid capacity shortfalls
  • Measure the overall efficiency of PowerVM environments
  • Visibility into available capacity and waste

We invite you to see for yourself our powerful solution in action. We’re holding a webcast on:

Date: Wednesday June 27, 2012
Time: 12PM – 1PM ET

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