Thinking of Going Open Source for Your Private Cloud?

Red Hat announced the formation of the ManageIQ community today with the aim to provide the industry’s leading open source cloud management platform with advanced governance and automation capabilities.

Cirba has joined the community to integrate to the ManageIQ framework and bring enterprise grade capacity control to the table, enabling organizations to automatically and intelligently balance capacity supply with application demand.

From all accounts, OpenStack adoption is on the rise, but to truly become more than a pet project in large enterprises and evolve into a truly viable alternative, it requires the strong support of the vendor community. This is exactly what Red Hat is delivering, by providing and bringing together solutions that fill critical operational and management gaps. We have been tracking the interest of our own customer base in OpenStack and while we aren’t seeing rampant adoption yet, surely endeavours like the ManageIQ community will bring us one step closer.

We would love to hear about your organization’s plans around private cloud and whether open source will play a role!

Watch this short video by Andrew Hillier, Cirba’s co-founder & CTO to learn about Cirba’s contribution to the ManageIQ Community:

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