The New Era of Capacity Control

Change – In the world of IT, as much as we’d sometimes like things to stay the same, change is inevitable. The thing about change in our industry, however, is that if we don’t embrace it and move with it, we’ll get left behind.

My case in point? Capacity management. In a physical world, although sometimes shrouded in sophisticated algorithms, it is pretty straight forward –watch the workload trends for a given period of time and then estimate your resource capacity requirements based on the trending. This watch and then forecast process is not a daily activity; and most often occurs annually around lease refresh dates.

Virtualization technology and the recent adoption of cloud computing, however, have changed this completely. The new virtual data center is much more complex as resources are shared amongst many workloads; workloads that are transient and many times short-lived. Although understanding workload trends is important, it factors little in establishing the safe balance of workload demand and resource supply.

New questions exist that must be answered; new questions that require answers daily and in some cases hourly. Questions such as:

  • What workloads are best to share the same host from a business, compliance and regulatory perspective?
  • What new workloads are being added to or removed from the host?
  • What impact does changing the allocation on one workload have on other workloads?
  • Is there a better placement for workloads on different days?
  • Capacity Management and the trending software for physical infrastructure does not in any way solve the new challenges. Establishing a balance between supply and demand has evolved into the new era of capacity control. A daily process of controlling the balance of workload demand and resource supply.

A change needs to happen. A capacity control revolution, if you will. The catalyst for this change is a new breed of analytics that enables new school capacity control in virtual and cloud infrastructure.

We’ve created a video that explains the need to change the way we think about capacity. Take a look. Cirba can help you embrace this change and give you complete control over your data center’s capacity requirements.

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