Saving Big on Software Licensing in Virtual & Cloud Infrastructure

Managing software licensing has always been a burden for the IT department and most organizations don’t do a great job at it. Compliance is often the focus of management processes and tools, with little emphasis on cost control. But software license costs are a huge burden on IT budgets, and virtualization has not done much to help with this. Even newer licensing models such as per processor licensing, where VM density should translate into more licensing bang for the buck, organizations are spending far more than is required. The reason why is conceptually simple – they aren’t managing infrastructure and in this case, placing VMs to contain licenses AND increase VM density with a view to minimizing licensing requirements.
This is what makes Cirba’s latest release so exciting. Organizations can save millions on processor-based licensing costs. Cirba’s new Software License Control module is an add-on to our award-winning Control Console. This new module enables you to optimize VM placements considering licensing, utilization, business and technical policies on software that is licensed on a per processor or per host basis, such as Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and Oracle Weblogic. From our initial implementations, organizations are achieving an average reduction of 55% on license requirements!

Watch the 2 minute explainer video below to learn more about our new offering and how your organization can start saving today.

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