IBM Standardizes on Cirba for its Private Modular Cloud Offering

We are very pleased to announce that IBM has standardized on Cirba for is Private Modular Cloud (PMC) offering. PMC is IBM’s private on premise cloud solution.  It is a packaging of hardware, software, system orchestration and management that enables an organization to stand up a customized cloud in less than a day.

Cirba enables organizations to reduce performance risk, increase VM density and efficiency and achieve unprecedented automation in private cloud.  In the words of Will Padman, IBM’s Global Product Executive, Cloud Automation Services, IBM chose Cirba for its PMC offering because,

“Critical to effective private cloud operations is really the ability to balance infrastructure supply with application demand and Cirba is really the only solution in the marketplace today that actually does that.”

Watch this short video featuring Chuck Tatham, Cirba’s SVP of Business Development and Marketing and Will Padman, IBM’s Global Product Executive, Cloud Automation Services to learn more about PMC and how Cirba can be used to optimize those environments.

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