How Software-Defined Infrastructure Control enables success in private cloud

The cloud promised to deliver faster access to capacity, automation and truly fit-for-purpose infrastructure. But a catalog and a self-service portal alone don’t fully constitute cloud. And what most organizations call cloud today really isn’t. In reality, most organizations haven’t achieved their cloud goals and don’t have a clear line of sight how to get there.

The management tooling available isn’t helping the matter. Today’s Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) enable you to capture self-service requests and automate some of the provisioning process. But they don’t offer the single intelligent control pane you need to enable full automation, optimization or fit-for-purpose infrastructure.

According to Forrester analyst Lauren E. Nelson1, there are some key facts about private cloud strategies today that all tech management leaders should be aware of. These facts will ensure tech leaders develop plans that maximize value.

To learn about top challenges in achieving success in private cloud today and how SDIC helps you overcome them download the PDF.

To read the full article providing Forrester’s Top 10 Facts About Private Cloud, click here.

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