Cloud Computing Journal: Why Intelligent VM Routing Is Critical to Your Private Cloud’s Success

Any capacity-based business, whether it’s an airline, hotel or manufacturer thrives when they make the most efficient use of their expensive capacity.  Too much capacity and costs are too high. Too little capacity and customer needs aren’t met.

To be successful, these businesses need to be able to accurately quantify and manage demand and then match that to their supply of capacity.  IT is no different. The difference for IT today is that they are falling far behind other organizations in their level sophistication around managing both supply and demand in virtualized and cloud infrastructures.

In a recent article written for Cloud Computing Journal, Cirba CTO & Co-Founder, Andrew Hillier, outlines some key considerations on managing the demand side of the equation and dives into why the workload routing decision is such an  important one.

Check out the article here.

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