How does Cirba fit Gartner’s Vision for Capacity Management in Web-scale IT?

Cirba is at the Gartner Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit this week in Berlin. Leading up to the event, Gartner analysts Ian Head and Milind Govekar published a report on the importance and role of Capacity and Performance Management in Web-scale IT.

The report describes how critical it is that infrastructure and operations managers responsible for these infrastructures must become “proficient in operational analytics and big data capabilities, rather than traditional capacity-planning tools” and makes a series of recommendations as to how they can get there.

In the short video below, Andrew Hillier, Cirba CTO & co-founder discusses Gartner’s recommendations and how Cirba’s analytics fit with Gartner’s vision of requirements for these types of operational environments.

What is Web-scale IT? Gartner research VP, Cameron Haight, explains in a blog

( read the full blog here).

“It’s our effort to describe all of the things happening at large cloud services firms such as Google, Amazon, Rackspace, Netflix, Facebook, etc., that enables them to achieve extreme levels of service delivery as compared to many of their enterprise counterparts.

… we identify six elements to the web-scale recipe: industrial data centers, web-oriented architectures, programmable management, agile processes, a collaborative organization style and a learning culture.”

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