Cirba Provides Drag and Drop Cloud Migration Planning via the Control Console

Many of you are familiar with Cirba’s Control Console that enables organizations to safely maximize density and control risk in virtual and cloud environments.  Today we announced the ability to “drag and drop” existing VMs and hosts onto new target platforms or environments to analyze the suitability of a change and plan out the requirements.

The new feature, called Dynamic Transformation Planning, adds another dimension to the Control Console by enabling users to rapidly assess alternative capacity supply options, such as hardware changes and upgrades, and demand changes, such as the migration of workloads to other internal or external environments such as clouds.

Also announced was a new Storage Sensor that provides visibility into used and provisioned datastore capacity status for VMware environments through the Control Console. Users can see which VMs and hosts rely on a particular datastore, see current and future predict shortfalls, and reserve capacity within the datastores for new VMs coming online through its Bookings capability. To read the full release, click here.


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