Cirba Announces Revolutionary Control Console to the IBM® PowerVM Platform

Today marks another milestone in the evolution of Cirba’s Control Console.

We announced that the Control Console in Cirba Version 7.1 will support IBM PowerVM for AIX environments. Click here to read the announcement.

This will enable AIX customers to leverage the same revolutionary technology that our VMware and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization customers have been using to gain unprecedented visibility into health, risk and required remediation steps in their environment.

Visit to see more of the Cirba Control Console for virtualized AIX environments.

With the release of Cirba Version 7.1, the Cirba Control Console will enable organizations to optimally leverage the sophisticated and advanced functionalities of the PowerVM platform such as host groups, resource pools, VIO Servers.  Cirba’s analytics will help organizations optimize workload placements, allocations, and host sizing across their AIX infrastructure according to policies in order to safely maximize density and efficiency in these environments.

Cirba Version 7.1 fills a capacity management gap that PowerVM users have had to deal with by developing their own models in spreadsheets and manual processes. With CiRBA, customers can now gain better ROI from their PowerVM investment.


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