Cirba and Dell Infrastructure Consulting Services enable customers to optimize virtual and cloud infrastructure with capacity control

Back in 2013 Dell Global Services decided that it needed to modernize its approach to advising customers on infrastructure modernization, transformation and management.    Virtualization had penetrated many customer environments significantly and they were struggling less with transformation and more with getting their arms around optimal management of virtual infrastructure.  Of course they were also increasingly asked to advise on cloud strategies and related matters.

The software that Dell had been relying on was dated and provided only a narrow set of analytics for mapping transformations.  They embarked on an evaluation of what was available in the market and could help modernize and broaden their approach.

We were proud when Dell decided to build Cirba into their services methodologies for a new class of offerings.

Dell has gone through many changes over the past 12 months as it privatized and reshaped its business.  We believe Dell will be successful in becoming a complete infrastructure solutions company and we are happy to be on the journey with them.

I chatted with Ray Weinstein this week about Dell Services and where Cirba fits in their offers. The video is below.

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