Cirba Advances Partner Program with Addition of Outsourcers and Cloud Service Provider Categories

CiRBA's Partners

Cirba’s software is regarded as the gold standard for integrators and consulting companies to advise their customers on server and data center transformations and capacity control. Our software has been deployed in hundreds of companies by leading integrators around the world to revolutionize how transformations are executed and infrastructure is managed.

Cirba’s own Fortune 500 customers are well down the path on huge deployments of Automated Capacity Control because it enables infrastructure owners to better balance workload demand with capacity supply. These capabilities and presence in the market are bringing partnering requests from new kinds of organizations.Cirba ’s ability to significantly improve density of infrastructure, while at the same time improving stability, has caught the attention of companies that manage infrastructure for their large customers.

These companies, Cloud service providers and outsourcers specifically, are operating in an increasingly competitive environment where infrastructure efficiency and greater levels of automation can translate directly to competitive advantage, better pricing and greater customer satisfaction. To meet this demand, we’ve recently added two new categories to our partner program.Cirba  Powered Outsourcers and Cirba Powered Cloud Providers.

These additions are not just by name, they include delivery, sales and pre-sales training tailored to the types of offerings these companies provide. We have also introduced licensing programs that match the needs of these businesses. For example, a new utility licensing model that allows cloud providers to flex up and down over time and to pay monthly depending on the volume of servers managed.

For a complete list of the Cirba partner categories, visit

Watch a short Video of Chuck Tatham, CiRBA’s SVP of Business Development and Marketing share updates to the partner program.

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