Cirba’s Reservation Console Ships!

With the release of Cirba Version 8 this week, customers can now leverage the new Reservation Console to automate the entire process of selecting the optimal hosting environment for new workloads and reserving compute and storage capacity. Not only does the console ensure that the requirements of each new workload are properly matched to the characteristics of the infrastructure, thereby eliminating compliance issues and reducing operational risk, but it also provides the ability to balance demand across all available infrastructure, including cloud environments, midrange systems, and even different physical data centers.

And as its name suggests, the new Reservation Console also provides users with a new avenue to reserve capacity in advance of its actual use, guaranteeing that resources will be available for application deployments and effectively acting as a “hotel reservation system” to application groups and lines of business.

There really is nothing else like this out there.

See it live for yourself! Join Cirba CTO & co-founder Andrew Hillier for a live demonstration of the Reservation Console and a discussion of how to gain control over capacity supply and demand in private clouds and virtualized infrastructure.

When: Tuesday, January 21 at 12:00pm ET

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