Cirba’s Product Advisory Conference: Highlights of Cirba’s New Reservation Console

Last week some of Cirba’s largest customers, including Cisco, FedEx, Lowes, McKesson, AIG, TD Bank Group, and others joined Cirba executives and product managers in Boston for a focused Product Advisory Conference. We were thrilled to have seventeen attendees from some of the world’s largest organizations join us for two days of spirited discussion on how to address the challenge of balancing workload demand with infrastructure supply in today’s data center.

Today’s methods for determining which environment to route new workloads are largely manual, patchwork processes. Surveying our customers involved in this conference reveals that the vast majority need a better way to do this for three reasons:

  1. To increase responsiveness to workload placement requests
  2. To increase the accuracy of forecasting coming demand and capacity requirements
  3. To put an end to over-estimating future hardware requirements due to lack of connection to the demand pipeline.

We listened carefully to our customers and the highlight for us during the conference was seeing and hearing their reactions to a detailed review of the new Reservation Console, which is scheduled for release in January 2014. Customers surveyed indicated they will be able to leverage the new console to:

  • Make faster, better decisions on where to place new workloads increasing responsiveness and agility
  • Make those routing decisions based on highly extensible and organization specific details that ensure the right choices are made
  • Reduce performance risk with better workload placements
  • Increase the accuracy of demand forecasting to end over-provisioning hardware for future requirements
  • Finally have an auditable process of provisioning requests

Further, ninety-four percent had plans to automate more of these critical processes with seventy-five percent indicating the intent to automate the end to end process of workload request through environment selection to provisioning, which is something Cirba uniquely enables them to do.

We thought we’d share a few photos from the event and provide a sneak peek at what they saw that got them so excited!

The Reservation Console provides a “” like capability for evaluating a workload’s requirements against the characteristics of available infrastructure. Organizations can strike the right balance between cost vs. fit for purpose criteria such as software requirements, security, storage, operational and business policies and provides a rating of fit called the Hosting Score. Users can manually choose a target environment based on the analysis or automate workload routing and associated capacity reservations.

View larger Image.
The Reservation Console will route workloads to the optimal hosting environment according to key criteria such as:

  • Cost
  • Occupancy levels
  • Technical and business considerations
  • Software licensing
  • Operational policies

The suitability of an environment is summarized using a Hosting Score (shown here) for environments that match the fit for purpose criteria and have available room. Some environments like the one at the bottom of this screenshot are eliminated from consideration because a lack of fit. In this case, the environment does not satisfy the workloads technical and resource requirements.

The Reservation Console
As the name suggests, The Reservation Console doesn’t just determine the optimal host environment for a workload, but it also reserves capacity for workloads in advance of its actual use, guaranteeing that resources will be available for application deployments. This view of the console shows a log of all the workloads that are scheduled to go into the selected environments, providing a complete picture of reservations made and inbound workloads.

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The Capacity Reservations made through the Reservation Console are reflected in the Control Console view for an environment so operations teams and capacity management alike get an accurate picture of upcoming demand and infrastructure requirements.

We would like to send a sincere thank you to everyone who attended the conference and made the success it was!

Cirba CEO Gerry Smith kicking off the conference
Cirba CEO Gerry Smith kicking off the conference.

Cirba CEO Gerry Smith leading the discussion
Cirba CEO Gerry Smith leading the discussion.

Cirba SVP Product Strategy & c-Founder Riyaz Somani
Cirba SVP Product Strategy & co-Founder Riyaz Somani.

Enjoying the discussion
Enjoying the discussion.

Cirba CTO & co-Founder Andrew Hillier demonstrating.
Cirba CTO & co-Founder Andrew Hillier demonstrating.

Customers in Cirba gear!
Customers in Cirba gear!


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