Cirba’s New Reservation Console Automates VM Routing and Capacity Bookings

Every industry that relies on the sharing of resources, such as hotels, airlines, and rental companies leverages a reservation system to make sure they optimize the use of their assets. Or, in other words, “match supply and demand”. Our customers building internal virtual and cloud infrastructure face the same challenge as those organizations. They too have a variety of users vying for compute resources, and need to determine the best way to have enough supply on hand, without having too much, all while responding quickly and appropriately to user requests.

Particularly as organizations build out their internal Clouds, new challenges arise associated with managing the pipeline of requests for new workload placements. There is a critical gap in enterprise cloud operations when it comes to automating VM routing and capacity bookings. Most organizations still do this manually using spreadsheets – making it a time-consuming process with a high risk for errors. Cirba’s new Reservation Console automates the process of selecting the optimal hosting environment for new workloads, reserving compute and storage capacity in advance of use, and ultimately providing the detailed host level placement recommendations for the workload.
How does this all happen? The Reservation Console features a new, tunable scoring system that scientifically identifies the optimal destination environment for new workloads. The system provides a new Hosting Score, which is based on a range of criteria including occupancy levels, technical considerations, software licensing constraints, operational policies, and regulatory compliance. Organizations can modify the attributes considered and also tune their weighting so that recommendations are aligned with organizational goals and application owner preferences. Not only does this ensure that the requirements of each workload are properly matched to the characteristics of the infrastructure, eliminating compliance issues and reducing operational risk, but it also enables the Reservation Console to balance demand across all available infrastructure, including cloud environments, midrange systems, and even different physical data centers.

The new Reservation Console works alongside our award winning Capacity Control Console which provides daily optimization of workload placements and sizing through rebalancing and VM right-sizing instructions that are fed into hypervisor management solutions.


The Reservation Console will be available in November 2013.
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Read the full press release.
See a sneak peek demo of the Reservation Console.

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