Cirba’s New Business and Application-centric Capacity Control for IT Infrastructure

Today we announced a new capability that enables IT to empower business groups and application owners to intelligently balance server and storage requirements with application demand.

Cirba does this by providing IT, the app owners and line of business owners to see the true amount of server and storage resources required vs. the amount that is currently allocated by application, department or operating division in virtualized and cloud infrastructures. This enables application owners and business leaders to more actively manage the efficiency of their IT investments by having the information required to work with IT teams in order to make better allocation and infrastructure decisions, reducing risk and eliminating over-provisioning.

Over-provisioning infrastructure resources and over-sizing VMs is a universal issue for enterprise IT today. IT teams and application owners alike simply don’t have the visibility required to make the best possible infrastructure decisions. As a result, over-provisioning is the most common tactic employed to reduce operational risk.

Take a look at the screen below. By showing an application owner or rolling this type of visibility up to an entire business unit, IT can now have an informed conversation about efficiency and reclamation opportunities that previously wouldn’t have been possible.

CiRBA capacity views by application

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For most organizations the ability to have this visibility and these conversations would enable them to take a huge leap forward toward operating more efficiency and lower risk infrastructure.

How does your organization do it today?

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