Intelligently Balancing Infrastructure Supply and Demand

CiRBA's Automated Capacity Control software intelligently balances infrastructure supply and demand in virtual and cloud infrastructure in order to eliminate capacity risk and drive enterprise efficiency.

Only CiRBA provides complete visibility into existing and future demand alongside compute, storage and network resources so organizations can optimize VM routing, placement and sizing decisions and forecast with accuracy.

Global 2000 customers using CiRBA see 40-70% improvements in infrastructure efficiency through dramatically higher VM density and safer, automated operations.

IT Executive
Capacity Manager
Transformation Manager
Plan &Migrate
Operations Staff
Rapidly Move
to Optimal
 Hosting Model
Safely Establish the Highest Density
RouteWorkloads & Reserve Capacity
ActivelyRebalance & Right-Size VMs
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Automate Bookings & Guarantee Reservations
Cloud Service Provider
Automatically  Tune Capacity
Systems Integrator
Demand Manager
ForecastDemand & Plan Supply
Ensure the Right Infrastructure at the Right Time
Place VMs& AllocateResources
Automate Bookings & Guarantee Reservations
CiRBA's new Reservation Console enables organizations to automate both the routing of new workloads to the best hosting environment and associated capacity reservations.
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             "CiRBA's Reservation Console           has taken the guesswork         out of placing new      workloads and gives my    users peace of mind that   the capacity they requested will be there when they need it."
Demand Manager
Demand Manager
Route Workloads & Reserve Capacity
CiRBA's Reservation Console allows you to find the best data center, environment, cluster, and host to route the workload internally based on occupancy and fit for purpose.
CiRBA's Reservation Console leverages a unique patented capability to reserve capacity for VMs that will be coming online in the future. This allows you to guarantee the capacity for your user's application and have the reservation factored into future routing decisions for other applications.
Rapidly move to optimal hosting model
            "With CiRBA we spend          a fraction of the time         we used to on      transformation analysis…    and get far better answers  for our clients."
Plan & Migrate
Systems Integrator
Systems Integrator
Whether your clients need to virtualize systems, migrate to clouds, migrate off of legacy platforms, or simply refresh hardware and software, CiRBA enables you to deliver better solutions with less risk.
Template and policy based analytics allow for rapid and accurate transformational analysis from physical to virtual or to cloud containers. The output is actionable and constantly updated until actioned.
CiRBA's multi-dimensional analysis considers all of the critical constraints within an environment to qualify candidates and drive out risk. CiRBA's purpose-built risk rules and templates detect potential configuration, utilization, technology or platform-specific risks early in the analysis process.
           "We are able to rapidly          and confidently place       customer workloads      such that we are efficient    and profitable while   ensuring tiered services levels and stability."
Cloud Service Provider
Cloud Service Provider
CiRBA's policy-based placement engine and automation capabilities ensures that VM's are in the right place at the right time.
Rebalance & Right-Size VMs
Automatically Tune Capacity
CiRBA's policy based placement engine and automation capabilities mean that VMs are in the right place at the right time. The Control Console makes it easy for customers to understand what is happening in their hosted environment.
CiRBA provides a workload routing API that enables our customers to integrate CiRBA with their cloud management platforms such as solutions from OpenStack, VMware and others in order to intelligently place new workloads.
Systems Integrator
Forecast Demand & Plan Supply
Capacity Manager
           "VM placements are key to        reducing the hardware and        software requirements in our     infrastructure. Only CiRBA    understands how to make   these placements in orderto reduce requirements."
Capacity Manager
CiRBA provides a comprehensive model of infrastructure requirements that includes utilization requirements, policy, capacity bookings and technical considerations to provide accurate requirements, planning and forecasting.
Ensure the Right Infrastructure at the Right time
CiRBA's Control Console provides timeline based forecasting that factor in trend & growth, but most importantly, the inbound reservations for application VMs coming online over time. Forecasts can show both actual infrastructure AND hypothetical infrastructure that has not been purchased/provisioned yet. This precision allows for the right infrastructure at the right time.
CiRBA's Control Console allows Capacity Managers to run scenario models to precisely understand the impact of changes. Model scenarios such as changing demand (adding, removing, or moving VMs), or changing supply (adding hypothetical clusters and hosts, or refreshing existing hosts), or changing operational policies (over-commit ratios, or cloud container sizes).
              "We're working with            technologies like          OpenStack to build our       internal cloud, but they     are only part of the solution.    CiRBA fills gaps for us by providing a brain to intelligently route workloads and      reserve capacity."
CiRBA fills a critical gap left by cloud management stacks in internal cloud operations by enabling organizations to automate the routing of new workloads to the best possible environment and host reserving capacity for those workloads.
CiRBA's capacity control system also provides ongoing instance right-sizing and workload rebalancing, ensuring that changing operational conditions are accounted for and unused resources are reclaimed. This provides a one-two punch of intelligent up-front routing and placement, combined with continuous auto-correction and tuning of capacity.
Cloud platforms do not have the operational data, control policies or placement analytics to properly determine where to put workloads. CiRBA's Web Services API solves this by providing programmatic access to deep, policy driven analytics, allowing cloud platforms to route and place workloads more intelligently.
Most cloud platforms equate self-service with immediate provisioning, but this is a false assumption. Online hotel reservation systems are self-service, but they let you book resources in advance. The same requirement exists in internal clouds, and this mock-up shows an OpenStack request screen modified to support bookings through the CiRBA API. Users can now express their upcoming requirements ahead of time, allowing them to use the cloud in a way that is consistent with enterprise application deployment processes. By giving them a guarantee that the capacity they need will be available when they need it, gives them far higher confidence when using the cloud. It also allows Capacity Managers to do far more accurate planning and forecasting.
Operations Staff
Operations Staff
"We've automated VM sizing and rebalancing          using CiRBA. We have        significantly reduced       performance issues     and volatility in our   infrastructure."
CiRBA's Control Console gives organizations unprecedented visibility and control over virtual and cloud infrastructure by revealing in a single glance which clusters, hosts, and VMs are at risk and which are inefficient.
CiRBA provides a policy-based, predictive analytics engine for controlling capacity. Only CiRBA can optimize workload placements, resource allocations and infrastructure decisions to ensure you make the best possible choices for your environment. And only CiRBA shows you in a single glance which VMs, hosts, clusters and environments need attention and then provides the actions required for optimization. Simply put, we make a complex science simple.
CiRBA provides integration to your existing management toolset to enable the automation of recommended actions. This enables you to eliminate infrastructure related incidents before they occur.
Transformation Manager
CiRBA's analytics set the bar in transformation planning, enabling organizations to make moves faster, with less risk and significantly lower infrastructure cost. Only CiRBA can optimize VM placements in order to safely increase VM density and reduce hardware requirements by an average of 33%.
Transformation Manager
             "Before CiRBA, our transformation initiative was way behind          schedule and over budget.     CiRBA enabled us to get back   on track, all while reducing costs associated with the project."
Template and policy based analytics allow for rapid and accurate transformational analysis from physical to virtual or to cloud containers.  The output is actionable and constantly updated until actioned.
IT Executive
Safely establish the highest density
CiRBA's award-winning Control Console improves infrastructure efficiency by 40 to 70% without introducing risk. Imagine knowing that you have the perfect amount of infrastructure to satisfy SLA and policy requirements, without having too much and that your workloads are optimally placed and configured.This is the power of CiRBA.
IT Executive
Place VMs & Allocate Resources
"CiRBA has enabled us to increase VM density by        48% while also reducing       related performance issues."
At the core of CiRBA's value is our analytics engine. It is purpose built to determine optimal workload placements and resource allocations. By plumbing this engine into your management stack and processes, we remove capacity related problems and drive infrastructure density up by 40 to 70%.
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