Software License Control

The shift to data center class software licensing, where licensing an entire physical host server allows an unlimited number of instances to be run, means that licensing optimization has now become a capacity management challenge. Most organizations aren't equipped to handle this challenge and as a result are spending far more than is required. The reason why is conceptually simple – they aren't placing VMs with a view to minimizing host licensing requirements and maximizing density.

CiRBA optimizes VM placements considering licensing, utilization, business and technical policies, to save organizations an average of 55% on per processor licensing packages such as Microsoft Windows Server - Data Center Edition, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Oracle Weblogic.

"CiRBA's new software license control module is uniquely positioned to help organizations both meet SLAs and also reduce hardware and software licensing requirements. This is a natural extension of CiRBA's solution, and one which I think will be very valuable to its customers."
Torsten Volk, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates

Software License Console for Virtual & Cloud Infrastructure
Andrew Hillier, CiRBA CTO & Co-Founder

"By cleverly placing workloads on licensed servers in such a way that the overall footprint is minimized, organizations can save millions of dollars in licensing costs."
Andrew Hillier, CTO & Co-founder, CiRBA.

CiRBA offers a Software License Control module as an add-on to our award-winning Capacity Control Console that optimizes VM placements in virtual and cloud infrastructure in order to:

  1. Reduce the number of processors/hosts requiring licenses.
    CiRBA determines optimized VM placements to both maximize the density of licensed components on physical hosts and isolate these licensed VMs from those not requiring the licenses.
  2. Contain the licensed VMs on the licensed physical servers.
    CiRBA's analytics restrict placements of licensed VMs to the designated physical servers over time in order to ensure licensing compliance and continued efficiency.
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